Chauvin Has One Murder Charge DROPPED, Prepare For MASS Leftist Riots

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  1. And here…we….go

    Seattle's mayor and city council won't even answer emails of concerned citizens complaining about being assaulted by homeless addicts and finding used needles in parks

  2. Well Antifa can now pull up their racists trump supporter app anywhere they riot and be flush for choices in where to burn and attack. I think we’re going to see a big home defense wave as people more and more are forced to defend themselves from the mob.

  3. I honestly don't see why they don't just legalize hard drugs. With the amount of fentanyl on the market it's a self-solving problem. People will get the message…if not, oh well.

  4. If he is found not to be not guilty by a jury of his peers you people need to accept it. That is how our system works you don't like it advocate to have changed. There have been a lot of ppl set free that have done by far more horrific Grimes.

  5. The people of these cities need to start banding together and crush these riots themselves. If you attack these children they will run. They think they believe in this BLM nonsense, but you swing a bat at them, and they will run back to mommy crying. We have seen that so many times. They are brainwashed, scared little sheeple children. Just start creating groups and keep joining them together. Its what they do.

  6. 1:10
    In the upper right corner of the news website there's a headline: 'Teen couple shot by police, one killed" with pictures of two black people.
    The media's constant propaganda of "cops killing black kids" NEVER ENDS, despite anything that actually happened in each incident.

    If it was during an arrest and the suspects fought the arrest, don't simply say "Teen couple shot by police, one killed".

    The blood of everyone who has been killed and will be killed by the leftist terrorists is ON THEIR HANDS.

    And it's only just beginning.

    The rioting in Ferguson was worse after the acquittal in 2015, compared to the riots just after the Michael Brown incident in 2014.
    Anything less than the death penalty for Chauvin will be treated as an acquittal, and riots after that will be worse than what we've seen so far in 2020.
    Perhaps BLM thugs already consider dropping one murder charge an "injustice". It doesn't take much to convince the zombie mob of that.

    Prepare for "the Troubles" American style for the next decade.

  7. If riots start and mayors and Governors do not stop it more votes for President Trump. Day after the election the Insurrection Act will begin.

  8. Well perhaps if his toxicity report hadn't indicated OD levels of fentanyl….
    Just Saying. You can't prove murder when you can't prove he didn't die from a drug OD ??‍♀️

  9. Yeah I’m calling it, this will be the worst yet and somebody actually innocent will get hurt.

    Because all the Dems know is hatred, and they will use all of it to get what THEY want

  10. It's simple.
    Democrats call to defund police as a way of course correction.
    So if liberal cities need correcting, time to defund them.

  11. i agree, not only should they walk, it was confirmed by medical doctors, GF did not die of asphyxiation or as a result of the officer kneeling on his neck. The amount of Fentanyl found in his system was highly irregular of a typical drug user, indicating he had most likely swallowed his stash in order to evade police preceding his interaction with police.. He literally overdosed himself…this is why he asked the officer to lie down. Further, your reading of these charges being dropped is not at all accurate, in fact, it is quite common for lesser charges to be dropped in a case with more serious pending charges. This is most likely why these same charges were not dropped for his co-defendants. I personally, experienced this in my own case where both me and my co-defendant were both charged with possession of alcohol by a minor….The only difference is, I had an additional charge because I had a sheet of LSD in my possession and in my state, they consider this attempted manslaughter. They dropped my Pos of alc by minor due to "forthcoming, more serious charges" and they were pursuing the case and threw me a 5 year to serve offer…I politely declined. I fought the case over two years and they showed leniency because at the time of the arrest, I was 18 and had never been arrested before. I ended up pleading out with time served and topped it off with an 8 year probation…which would be the start of a long and shitty journey through the US "Justice" System…I am 39 now, but that is another story. My point is, them dropping the lesser charge does not at all indicate they are not going to pursue this case and prosecute…on the contrary. I would have thought he wouldve gotten off UNTIL i saw this.

  12. THE ANSWER IS … read and study the Constitution in its FULL HISTORICAL CONTEXT and LEARN IT AND DO IT !!!!! Problems are unsolvable BECAUSE we do not FOLLOW the Constitution !!!!!! "political correctness" seems to somehow 'dictate' our 'solutions' … which are not actual solutions!

  13. As expected… now if only all of the toxicology results come out on this.
    After watching the videos of the officers walking to his car and talking to the store before confronting him… watching him freaking out before even exiting his car and cuffs were put on. His crying he cant breathe, please dont leave me, please i need to lie down on the ground, and proceeds to squirm around.
    'Come on man' this is just foolish. Facts before the feelings and emotions police.

  14. as far as funding, these anarchy jurisdictions can get their funding from George Soros, after all…he is explicitly the reason these DA's are letting all these clowns out. This is not a conspiracy. George Soros funded, paid for these specific DA's to get elected. Spend two minutes and you will find articles, not from "far right conspiracy theorists" but (cough) reputable (cough) News (cough) sources like The Washington Post. ..The New York Times. Unless of course, these leftist, Neo Marxist, Pro DNC News Outlets are "in" on the conspiracy.

  15. I dream of a scenario where Mark Furhman and OJ Simpson meet on the deck of the USS Missouri, like and they both sign a document finally ending the racial world war