Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation, Appeal Almost Certain

Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation, Appeal Almost Certain. Though she was only an alternate her interview confirms the bias of those who think the jury was swayed by the riots.

In a previous interview she only said she feared everyone would be mad, but following BLM riots, Democrats like Maxine Waters inciting insurrection, it seemed impossible that this would not corrupt the jury

Now protesters are saying that the conviction is not just for George Floyd and that they will not stop. It seems the jurors actions may have been in vain


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. If I was on that jury the fact that I was in fear or threatened I wouldn’t be in fear though I would’ve let the cop off even if I thought he was guilty you don’t threaten me you’re going to riot and burn my house down you better pack your lunch oh and make sure your life insurance is paid up because I will use deadly force to defend myself

  2. I think we need to remember when they say violence solves nothing that it was violence that stopped the fascist and Nazi takeover of Europe AND abolished democrats practice of slavery. We go to the middle east to fight terrorists yet we do NOTHING as domestic terrorists fill our streets, burn our cities and murder our innocent civilians. It's completely sick and disgusting.

  3. If I was on the jury I probably would be a little worried too about retaliation from some people if they didn't like the verdict and also I would be worried too that the government isn't really protecting people from the riots and if people show up to your house and if you have to protect yourself they've been arresting homeowners protecting themselves from these crazy. So yeah I don't blame people from being scared shittless after seeing their City burn to the ground, people getting killed and then the government just letting it happen as long as you have the politically correct view agenda and politics.

  4. As a violent F-ing felon (serious like) from being a teen, dealt with post-release-supervision and freedom years later, just caught a couple violent misdemeanor charges….."Yes sir, no sir, I have such and such in such pocket, just so you know, yes sir, no sir." They always show up with almost half a dozen cars to anywhere I am at because they have me listed as armed and dangerous, and yet, never been shot by a F-ing cop…. Like wow,, figured it out. Don't tell the minorities?

  5. Schrodinger's intent. He both intended to kill Floyd and did not intend to kill Floyd. Not that he did of course, but he IS guilty of enforcing the law while white.

  6. She was afraid she would be at fault for the rioting if the verdict was not guilty, now they are rioting and it is her fault for saying the quiet part out loud. Everyone knew you’re afraid but it was even more foolish to admit to it then to just act like you truly believe Chauvin was guilty. Now they gloat because they know their intimidation actually works

  7. To the people if my generation im currently 22 and there are some rights and other things that were already taken away before we were born we need to all collectively come together and make sure that the communists of our generation don't win we have to do what we can to get these cronys out

  8. The trial should have stopped. I feel the jury was forced by the mob to make a decision otherwise they might be doxed. I agree that Chauvin will appeal the situation. The city should have not settled the lawsuit and money Floyd family received till after the trial of all 4 cops. There was too many weird things in this case. How can you put new evidence in a case when it was not presented prior? The judge was not fair and did follow due process per the constitution. Maybe the judge is for the mob.

  9. Sam Harris has to be the ultimate disappointment of my lifetime. That dude had such potential, such a brilliant brain, and then he lost his sanity. That dude must have sold out or something. He's a complete loon, now. Trump broke his fucking sanity. Now he's nothing more than a worthless piece of shit.