CHAZ Is Finally OVER, Protesters Move To Dissolve The Zone After Shootings

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  1. The Democrats having been trying EVERYTHING they could to divide the country and put all the blame on Trump. Well, they have done nothing increase Trump's chance of a landslide win in November… especially since Biden is MIA and can barely talk when he does show up. The first Presidential debate will be glorious!!!

  2. Also, the remaining "protestors" are 95% white people apologizing for being white and having privilege because that's what the media has convinced them to do. Everything has been looted so most of the black "protestors" have gone home to enjoy their new Nike shoes and 4K TVs.

  3. I know you've covered this topic in a previous video but I hate when you omit important details from previous videos when you discuss this. Now it just sounds like you are some hypocrite tough guy for calling the businesses owners cowards because you fail to mention in this video that the reason the businesses owners should be blamed is that they actually support the leftist ideologies/refuse to downplay the message of the CHAZ which enabled the left to do all the damage to their businesses and communities. It is absolutely not the same as refusing to speak up due to fear. This detail is instrumental in laying the blame on the businesses owners IMO and it was previously discussed in the lawsuit video but you don't even mention it once on here in this 10+ minute video, instead you rather put in a highly sensationalized anecdote about your birds, now talk about an editorial…

  4. I love how this video and title just appeared in my news feed and recommended videos tonight. Even though I have already watched this video when it came out…??

  5. A difference that fast paced the failure was the missing closure of the borders from within. Eastern Europe lasted for years as unhappy people could not leave…

  6. Tim. Seriously? Get some fucking consistency. In your last video you explicitly talk about how defending yourself gets you arrested. Now you have the gall to tell people with guns pointed at them and their livelihood in the hands of violent anarchists that they’re entitled for not speaking up and hoping the police helps. I’m officially unsubbing at this point man. That’s a Democrat way of acting.

  7. That gives you a look at the quality of human beings involved. I was honored for everyone to be willing to come to VA not far from my home town to help us during Ralph's attack on our rights. At the end I was grateful and proud to be a part of the 2a community with the people who came together to clean up Richmond leaving it better than they found it. And then you have the left. They loot riot and burn leaving the towns broken burning and trashed for the very people you're trying to "help" to clean it up.

  8. Gotta be honest Tim, you always cry about death… what the hell do you think would have happened if they did what you say now?! If it's fine to tell innocent people to sacrifice their own lives, first, get off your damn fence, and second, I don't want to hear another word about unjust death from you.

    Now, that said, I fully agree, and I have a history of backing it up.

  9. ✌️ you bums!!!
    Get a job and earn a living like every hard work AMERICAN! That’s right when you come to this country and go through the process that’s what you become!

  10. Now it is time to push communism into the dust bin of history. I would assume names and photos on file now. From there support structures and funding.

  11. The bigger question is why this was allowed to go on as it was? How do these people get to keep their positions in government? There should be an immediate vote on this.

  12. some people like myself watch your podcast on a smart tv. I don't see any way to like or subscribe on that format. probably is a way, I just am not aware of it. I like your videos so much I got my laptop out and liked and subscribed. keep up the good work!

  13. "Dear comrades"

    Can we please get this civil war started already so we can wipe these commies out. It's inevitably going to happen anyway.