1. Just crossing my fingers,after being so hopeful for so long that justice will be served,I can't help but wonder what dirty tricks the Democrats and Georgia Rhinos have up their sleeves.I will keep praying that good wins over evil….

  2. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Thank our Heavenly Father, the Living God, the God of TRUTH, LOVE, & RIGHTEOUSNESS. If God be for us who can be against us? He is omnipotent, omniscient, & ever-present.
    Praise be to THE ALMIGHTY! All we ask for is the honest to goodness TRUTH! No fairy tales, no doctored version, just the TRUTH.

    THANK YOU, Q! ! !

  3. I wish they could go back 20 years worth of legislation here in California, we have had our voices compromised via voting machines for decades.
    Hell just a full forensic audit in California would lead a revolution alone.

  4. I will keep putting this out as it is confusing. WHY would Trump hater Democrat Mark Zuckerberg give R.I.N.O. Brad Raffensberger 5.6 million dollars right before the election? My guess is it would be to get Brad to do just what he done, keep saying there was no problem with anything and refuse to look at anything. I read this on a couple reputable places THE EPOCH TIMES was one. Hugh, I Hope you can research this , This was two or three weeks ago. I love your style of getting right to the News.

  5. Great news! I worked the Georgia elections, some of us witnessed the truth, the truth still hidden from us. Points, 1, they have had time to cover some tracks, but it looks as though we can find some lost data. Question, what else will it take to wake people up. Nonetheless, as you said, the dominoes are in place. How to play on words? Dominion Domino Downfall