CHEMTRAILS! Weather Modification In Australia and around the World.

After making a brief and passing comment about chemtrails on a previous video, I thought I’d have a quick look into the subject and share my findings on cloud seeding, weather modification and contrails. I really hope you enjoy this video and the rest of the content.
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This content is meant for entertainment, comedy and parody.

Written by Gunjaroo


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  1. Right I posted a link that it's not there Please look at this you love it( ROB D. OZ STORMS UPDATE AND RAIN-MAKING CONTROL ACT) This bloke is ride on the money I hope you enjoy

  2. Cloud seeding is just the tip of the iceberg they have been doing experiments for over 80 years on these etheric cones things.. heavily classified ( from the rudimentary to The Sublime ) basically they can engineer the weather before seeding. I'm sick of these evil bastards playing God.. with humanity and mother Earth!!!! P.S you look like a Tim👍

  3. Because science! How do people not understand what is going on? We knew about this 40 years ago. There is much more to this story that as you say is waay contentious and extremely polarising. Because it goes into the sky or out of a plane etc doesn't mean it aint happening.

  4. If they can make it rain in dubai theyre doing it in other places,
    they messed with the weather during vietnam,
    They use a process called Stratospheric aerosol injection with aluminium to deflect uv rays back i to space or so they thats what its for

    **glad you added the bit about dubai

    Continue the challenge the narrative

  5. Great videos buddy!!! Also great tre flip on the other!!! Billy gates ain't got shit on that!!! Mucho mush ganj luv to you and all y'alls in all the universes!!😎 Peace out !!!🍄🌲❤️🧫🦓

  6. In that video you were also talking shit about another video that got some stuff wrong about mushrooms.. Surely you have enough self awareness to recognise that when you talk about chemtrails coming from a commercial jet that you don't actually know what you're talking about, either. Weather modification programs are 100% in action but commerical aviation is not involved.

  7. Okay cloud seeding is a legitimate technology no arguments there. However the abnormal amount of rain in Aus is due to La Niña which is where global currents cause cold water to rise and abnormally hot water to coincidentally meet the cold which has caused turbulent mixing from the east coast of Aus all the way across to western Africa. The temp difference in the two bodies of water was 8 degrees! This aids in the creation of clouds by adding so much more moisture in the air and generating wind. There’s real data showing the difference in temp of the ocean surface, even live daily data supplied by BOM in the form of coloured maps to show the temp difference

  8. good vid mate. your gonna get a lot of hate on youtube, most are to woke for their own good for the a pat on the back or they are just bots, be careful not to step in the bullshit but always be yourself we are aussie we are a different breed. with that said chem trails not sure i can get behind that, why change the weather, if anything i'd say they are dropping something else that makes us stupid like fluoride in our water. lol. your a bloody legend.

  9. Most people are too young and ignorant to see the progression of the chemtrails. I grew up close by an international airport and watched jets flying over head for many years. I watched them in the sky since 1970 and never noticed a trail left by a plane until 1984. In almost 15 years I never saw a trail behind a plane that was longer than the plane itself. In 1984 I was walking with a friend of mine and he says "Look at that awesome contrail". I looked at it and immediately said "What the hell are they spraying up there". He says, no that's condensation. I said, no you're an idiot and to this day he is still an idiot. If you think condensation from a plane spans from horizon to horizon and then forms clouds you are an idiot as well.

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