Cherry Health CEO and Board President ADMIT Health Center STAGED a COVID19 testing line for CBS News

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  1. Over 30 years ago, I remember a local TV news station in CA regularly airing their promo: “we don’t report the news, we make the news”.

  2. Democrats remind me of The Wizard of Oz what he's pulling strings in the background. They run the KKK in the background while trying to pretend they're not the most vile racist that walk the face of earth.

  3. amazing and alarming that supposedly "smart" people do such dumb things. STOP with the games, peoples jobs, lives have been turned up side down and you idiots are playing games.

  4. Why are only conservatives and people on the right called out for that when they call people out? No one is ever labeled "on the left, or liberal"

  5. he is lying, he is covering his ass. they knew what they were doing, trying to make trump look like the covid was out of control when it wasnt. dems couldnt and wouldnt of aCted any different. looks what they did in the SARS OUTBREAK!! THEY LIED AND KEEPS LING. CHERRY HEALTH ADMITS THEY DID IT. NOW THOSE RESPONSIBLE NEEDS SACKING