Chicago Adopts Crime Prediction AI Pre-crime Network this Summer (Will it Help?)

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  1. How do we know for sure that this pre-crime authority isn’t being abused? Our police chief said publicly that he was going to target criminals and not “enemies”. Is he talking about enemies of the state? Whistleblowers?

  2. They are certainly making life hell on earth for many. If we could just get rid of the parasitic oligarchs we would certainly be a lot better off. We just have to remember to be caring and supportive of the people in our communities who need help and surround ourselves with beautiful gardens to maintain our sanity! ❤️💕

  3. So, a person will automatically be considered guilty until proven innocent. Do you know how many times AI has got it wrong? My opinion is that police officers should get out of their cruisers and get back to walking a beat.

    Some believe that, if given a choice between humans and algorithms, that algorithms would always be the best choice or the least biased choice. However, in 2018, Amazon found that it had to discard a proprietary recruitment tool; because the data it was trained on was biased against women.

    AI is a tool. As such, there is the potential for it to be exploited. Think back through history. Look at the historical developments that were intended to benefit humankind. Turned out they were not so beneficial.

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