Child Singled Out by Teacher Bullied Over Vaccine Status – V4F Breaks Story

A child was singled out in a Canadian school for his vaccination status by his teacher. The boy was told he is a bad citizen and this encouraged the other students to bully him.
Story brought to us by Veterans4Freedom

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  1. Hey that Teacher should fined at least ( $10,000. & put in JAIL for a 1 year ) so Teacher's will not do they same thing. to other Students … There for it is nobody's business for any one to know the medical history of any one at all…..

  2. If you discriminate people based on race prejudice is called racism.
    If you discriminate people based on their vaccination status is called ?
    If you don't take the vaccine why the people taking it should care about it ? If they are vaccinated, and the vaccine works as the politicians and the TV says, What is the reason for their fear ?
    If somebody asks: are you vaccinated ? my response will be: what do you care, is not your business.

  3. Send this to JT.
    The bastard started this.
    He should offer a personal apology to this child and their parents.
    We all know he doesn’t apologize for anything,however.
    He’s be more apt to pat that teacher on the back.
    Another one of his enforcers.😡

  4. I am so thankful that my son and his wife have decided to home school my grand daughter! If anyone let alone a trusted teacher ever spoke to my grand daughter this way I would probably be in jail for the actions I would take. That teacher should be publicly shamed!!!

  5. There is a vice principal here who addressed a grade 8 boy in a local Campbell river middle school as “SHOOTER” because the boy wasn’t vaccinated. How is he still working as an administrator

  6. Obviously, the teacher never taught these kids what a nazi is. They should be shown a mirror when they feel the need to call someone a maxi. And wow shame on teacher. This man should be kept far away from children. Geez.

  7. Get that thing pretending to be a teacher to Hell out of the class rm. They are spreading B/S to our young and these peoples views have No place in our children's education. Home School or You're putting your child in Danger!

  8. We are ALL playing a role in this. .. are you playing a role by participating… a role by pretending its not happening at all.. or are you speaking up. This as most of us know is only a small sliver of what is happening in canada. Its gross to watch. Its sad to see how many humans went along with this plandemic. the hatred amongst my fellow coworkers in healthcare is appalling.

  9. When my former employer asked my vax status, I asked if he was my doctor or health care provider. Obviously not, so any further questioning would be a violation of federal law. Never heard anything more about it.
    It's certainly not a teacher's business. If there's an outbreak in the class, it should be handled by medical professionals, not political ideologs.

  10. I wish some V4F would attend school with this young man….the optics feel good in my head….I would like to see the reactions of the teacher that should be fired and the students who participated in the bullying

  11. This is so wrong on many levels! Are they going to ask how many children are circumcised? How many children have gotten their periods?…Just two examples of the continuous stupidity that the "Entitled" feel compelled to pull on kids! I sincerely hope that the teacher was fired for this!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this story with us ! We need to know and speak out about what is going on ! Don’t let a politics of division divide us ! Stay united Canada ! We are better then this !

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