Child Vaxx Approved: “Don’t Know How Safe Until We Give It”!

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. I went to a lab to have a blood test. No eating for eight hours. I followed it.
    I did have a cup of green tea unsweetened 3 hours before.
    They refused the test because what they said 'You did have a meal
    I asked ' Is tea is a food?' They say 'Yes coffee and tea is a Food'
    This is what happens when Science goes down the drain and Shmucks take over
    Is Covid -19 or a Vax a food? Sure, it contains or generates a lot of amino acids

  2. I like this guest jimmy. Please bring him back more often. He’s very smart and defends his beliefs with clear facts and lessons from history. In fact, your guests have been really great as of late

  3. We all already know that the vaccine is risky. That physicians statement was inaccurate. Is he in the habit of making inaccurate statements…….& giving inaccurate medical advice? I’d rather that this type of person NOT take care of my child.

  4. Please please no jabbo the clot for the babies! The side effects short term are bad enough but we don't even know what turning our kids into genetically modified organisms will do to them. Our bodies' cells were not designed to manufacture toxic spike proteins.

  5. Jabbo da Clot is more dangerous than the coof! These "scientists" seem to be completely detached from their humanity, they speak of children as if they are lab animals to be tortured at their whim.

  6. You know it’s all about the money. Ripping us off and our governments.
    Bill Gates should be behind bars. What about event 201 ? Why are all the people that took part in that 201 event not arrested.

  7. The idea that vaccinating children is more an emotional effort than one of health has merit. My daughter is 100% all in with this vaccine. I asked her what risk is a vaccinated person taking by being around an unvaccinated person and her reply was somewhat violent. She said her son can't get vaccinated and she would be irate if he got it from some unvaccinated person. Even though his risk of serious effect from getting covid is near 0%. She doesn't care. She will get her son vaccinated and once she does that then she'll probably chill out on the unvaxxed.

  8. Children are at extremely low risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID. However, children can get infected and spread the virus the same as a vaccinated person. Last I checked, children live with adults, vaccinated or not, who are vulnerable for infection. Masks are scientifically proven to reduce the transmission of viruses. I agree that it is unjustifiable to vaccinate young children.

  9. As they line up the 5 year olds for their injection, here’s the eulogy for the children, in the form of a limerick:
    There once was a venom named Jab
    That had friends who had thoughts that were bad
    They lined up the children
    And jabbed them and killed them
    And parents were heart broken sad

  10. Jimmy, it worse..he said we are not going to find out how safe or dangerous etc..till we give it to them..But he was not bothered at all because he did not stop there, pay attention.. He said >so i"m in favor of approving it < What? the first remark was honest. But it his recommendation after saying that that was terrible, that he would therefore support giving this unknown safety data therapy to kids..

  11. There have been 70 studies on masks and every study showed it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. It's sick. All about Big Pharma's controlling the regulatory functions of our Health Agencies. (Per Robert Malone, MD andWash DC insiders: Big Pharma buys 25% of ads sold in US-that how they control the media and "they own everyone on The Hill). Also the KGB did studies and found out you can talk them into anything after as little of 2 months of ongoing fear. Some parents here have been scared out of their minds on ongoing basis for almost 2 years. Lefties have been going all totalitarian-they are the worst.

  12. Is there one parent or expert that can say that the children will be perfectly normal and healthy 2-5yrs from now? What if it stunts their growth and we make a nation of little people? Or what if we are making a nation of teenage alzheimer's patients or cancer? Can any expert say with certainty this won't happen? We won't know until we vaxx 28 million children and we see what happens?

    The real answer is nobody knows and although it's not likely the possibility is there for one of the 100 adverse reactions to happen to a perfectly healthy child. This isn't something you can detox from this is permanent and forever like a face tattoo on a 5yr old.

  13. One thing you folks never say is that the drug companies were given immunity against prosecution or lawsuits by people harmed by these vaccines so if your child is permanently harmed by these vaccines you cannot sue them.

  14. Notice how Jimmy Dore never reaches out to other popular progressives to make the powerful uncomfortable. He always fake attacks them and say they don't get along . I guess things aren't that bad. The Powerful underflate his #'s and he's ok with it.

  15. People either can't understand true science or are just to stubborn to accept it. They need think about where this movement is leading. Bill Gates said that ID 2020 will only be possible if enough people get into the system through mass vaccination. Why the lies & support of something they say is prudently needed when the real science says the opposite. I can't imagine why they would do this until I heard about the connection with mass vaccination and ID 2020 & social/credit programs. If u happen to find the truth on this it will scare u.

  16. When enough 5-11year olds DON'T get sick or die, the NWO activists will release another bioweapon to strike fear in the general public.
    For you average citizens: the type of altered "spike protein" in SARS2/covid19 is not found in nature. All research dictates it occurs as a result of human interference.

  17. This is nothing short of murder incorporated. It makes me wonder how these people sleep at night knowing the harm they're doing to us all. But the kids…unforgivable!

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