Childhood deaths will increase

COVID-19 pandemic and global childhood vaccinations

COVID-19 pandemic fuels largest continued backslide in vaccinations in three decades

Global vaccination coverage continued to decline in 2021,


Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) (DTP3)

5% down between 2019 and 2021

25 million children missed out on one or more doses of DTP in 2021

18 million, zero doses

India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Myanmar, Mozambique

devastating but preventable diseases


Children living in conflict and fragile settings

Increased misinformation

COVID-19 related issues

Service and supply chain disruptions

Resource diversion

Containment measures, limited service access

Catherine Russell, UNICEF Executive Director

This is a red alert for child health.

We are witnessing the largest sustained drop in childhood immunization in a generation.

The consequences will be measured in lives

We need immunization catch-ups for the missing millions or we will inevitably witness more outbreaks,

more sick children and greater pressure on already strained health systems

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine

Global coverage of first dose of HPV vaccine, 15%

A backdrop of rapidly rising rates of severe acute malnutrition

Weakened immunity and missed vaccinations

a child survival crisis

First dose measles coverage

Dropped to 81% in 2021

24.7 million children missed first measles dose

5.3 million more than in 2019–perfect-storm–of-conditions-for-measles-outbreaks–affecting-children

January and February 2022

17,338 measles cases

January and February 2021

9,665 measles cases


140,000 measles deaths

mostly among children under the age of five


Ninety-nine percent of responding members said the system was either in crisis (70%) or already beyond crisis (29%)

End of Life Choice Act 2019

7 November 2021, terminal illness, meet specific criteria, ask for help to end life.


The administration of assisted dying medication can only be done by a medical practitioner, or a nurse practitioner

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I watched the first 5 mins of this, that was enough. You glean your information from WHO. Can you tell me what deaths within 28 days of possitive test actually means?? By the governments own admission, this means ALL deaths are being marked as "COVID"

  2. In my opinion – formed from observation of what went on in the nursing home in which my mother spent her last years – catheterisation is pretty regularly used for convenience and when even that becomes too much trouble patients are just left lying on an two foot square incontinence pad unclothed from the waist down.

  3. My children are young adults now but if I knew what I know now back when they were little I wouldn’t of got them the childhood jabs. I don’t trust big pharma one bit anymore and I also don’t trust the doctors that are just pharma reps. What people don’t understand is that the billionaire pharma companies and changed the education of doctors over the years to the point that only chemicals can be recommended and nothing natural which used to be the case. My friends son changed after his jabs at 8 months, stopped talking for a few years and is diagnosed with autism. The info is all there should people wish to find it.

  4. Pre Covid I was pro vax and never missed even the annual flu vax. That has all changed. I just don't trust the medical 'professionals' any more since they allowed governments to intervene in the doctor-patient relationship. It has also opened my mind to

  5. I'm in Canada, young infants had their vaccines delayed by over a year… also, the whole coercion around the c***-19 vaccine did get some people to be more sceptic of all vaccines.

    These are all problems caused by the authorities that we have, I can't speak to the situation in poorer countries (we're going to join them as a 3rd world country soon enough at this rate!).

  6. Thank you so much for this update and again emphasizing the human realities. I am so thankful that our governor here in Florida is trying to do something about this horrible practice of isolating the extremely sick from their family and allowing them to die alone. Who can even imagine the long term effects upon such a society?

  7. I am a Kiwi. Have been observing for a very long time what is happening with health. They use the Liverpool Care Pathway here. Before CV even I heard of an elderly man falling. Was admitted to one of the big hospitals. No breaks. IN for observation over weekend following week family called, organs shutting down. He died. Had been on nil by mouth (LCP). Family didn't know this until later joining the dots. Have heard other stories like this. They were building a hospice in one area I know of 'for the elderly'. Used to be for terminally ill didn't it? One thing I've learned is if your elderly go into hospital be sure they have an advocate 24/7. Also heard many cases of elderly passing following flu jab.

  8. People have a look at what's in the vaccines, seriously do some research and have a look at the ingredients, I did, and I'm shocked! just have a look for your self!

  9. I'd say Humanity survived for thousands of years without Vaccines – we don't need them; treat them only if they get sick; secondly – this issue with "euthanasia " is legalized "murder"- that's what happens when you don't believe in Allah azza wa Jal and Judgement Day;

  10. Vaccines make ppl sick, it might take a few years, but ppl are coming down with illnesses that can only be attributed to vaccines, it's not all miss information, I personally know of perfectly healthy ppl that have never been vaccinated! yes the papilloma vaccine, why are they giving that to boys? why?

  11. I am taking note on just how many heart attacks, strokes, seizures, sudden infection and cancers that have killed so many prematurely the last 18 months.

    Spontaneous abortions have sky rocketed, menstrual cycles non existent or constant bleeding, male testosterone dropout and sperm counts so low and so weak they are effectively infertile.

    I dont have any doubt this was all planned, this is the death that will cull 90% of the earth's population. Those that don't die will be infertile

  12. If I had known what was in the childhood vaccines when my kids were younger, I wouldn't have given them. Measles, mumps and chicken pox aren't life threatening and help build immunity in kids. None of my girls got the HPV shots and no boosters from grade 6-8 and up. They did, however, take the covid shots (against my wishes, but they are older and made their own decisions. Hopefully they'll be ok but I don't know if I'll ever be a grandmother).

  13. what your probably seeing is a result of covid vaccine related illness in children that looks like measles , no one want's these vaccines anymore! you can keep your MRNA vaccines! we don't want them!

  14. Surely a natural infection is always superior to an injection-infection for ensuring long-lasting and robust protection. Call me a heretic, but I believe that the Earth is a sphere that orbits the Sun, and that vaccines are a pharmaceutical marketing wet-dream, especially with absolutely no liability for harm caused. Let's see a proper scientific control group of unvaxxed children compared to the current crop of heavily jabbed children. Actually, if you look you'll find that there is such a study – and the results ain't pretty for the vaxxed kids.

  15. I watch Dr.Campbell's daily broadcast every day and the information fuels my discussions and my knowledge. So, thank you very much, Dr. I am a dentist and someone who served on my State licensing board for 8 years, so I am very much aware of the interface between government regulators, public policy, and practice.

    There is one commonality in pretty much every headline and discussion about the possible etiologies for much of the post-shutdown "collateral" damage, and this WHO headline is a perfect example; "Pandemic fuels largest continued to backslide in childhood vaccinations….".

    Along with the actual serious illness, the pandemic brought about many physical and mental health challenges to which societies around the globe had to respond. If, instead of shutting down everything and scaring the living daylights out of citizens and children, government entities had anticipated the need to make sure kids got their regular vaccinations, I am sure that could have been accomplished. Rather than being proactive and prepared for a pandemic, most entities decided to just shut down and worry about problems or catch up later. Terrible, terrible governance and health planning.

    Using "the pandemic" as an excuse is far easier for public health officials than admitting their shortcomings and failures to do their jobs, even as most continued to get paid and accrue benefits.

    Therefore, I'd posit that if headlines and discussions were more accurate, they would add three words — THE (OUR) RESPONSE TO THE……Covid 19 pandemic…..

  16. Year 8 children where asked if they wanted 2 covid jabs, 2 HPV and a flu mist all within 3 months! Who would have tested the effect all these? All contain aluminium this is why we have huge autism amounts, we didn’t have as many jabs as children have now!

  17. Have you been paid off by Bill Gates. It is the health of the body that is important to fighting disease not vaccines. I am 70 years old have never been vaccinated for any disease and also my 5 children now in their 30s and 40s. Also I have 6 grandchildren none of whom have been vaccinated at all ranging from 24 years to 2. Between them they have been to most parts of the world. They are all perfectly healthy….how do you explain this with no vaccines?.. We are quite a large family…

  18. John , the euthanasia issue is spreading. It's happening in Canada. Euthanasia on demand, for any reason. It's a worrying development that I'm afraid I think is part of a bigger agenda.

  19. US here. I've gotten yearly flu shots for years, but stopped after Cov vax. I no longer t rust any vax. Regarding children, ( I have 2 grandchildren) I'm terrified of any vax they receive as well. It's good to hear Dr Campbell address the importance of vaccines (excluding the Cov 19 experimental vax for children).

  20. The trust of the government and health organization is very bad! Now we have illegal immigration with no immunity that is known! But more and more people are backing off ANY TYPE OF MEDICINE!

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