Children Sent to China’s Quarantine Camps

Reports about the Chinese Communist Party’s draconian lockdown measures were already shocking. Locking people in their homes, violently arresting sick people, and forcing people to go to covid camps were just some of the measures taken under China’s zero covid policy. But now it seems even children aren’t safe from the regime’s brutality. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on China’s quarantine camps, the midnight theft of school children, and China’s zero covid policy.

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


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  1. sounds like quarantine camps are a business opportunity for the CCP since they are charging so much for food and a crappy room. They also price gouged masks during the height of the pandemic.

  2. History repeat itself. But it`s one big difference between this situation and nazi-Germany – jewish not need to pay their residence in concentration camps.
    Expecting soon the same measures for the rest of the world. Because the China it`s not so far away from Europe or Australia, like somebody thinks.

  3. I have been thinking, if china invades, we can't win…
    not saying we shouldn't fight, I rather die free (not to sound like braveheart)
    but what is our objective in the coming war…
    kill Xi ? take down the ccp ? invade china ?
    we need a government change, but thats easier said then done !
    kill xi fixes nothing, another just takes he's place, ccp itself is to big to take down and invading china will end up in another Vietnam (ccp will call on the public to counter western troops with propaganda and most already believe we're evil…)
    so I don't see a clear and doable goal…

  4. $773 for 21 day quarantine vacation, that’s like $35 a day. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal. Also those kids going to quarantine camp is no big deal, it’s like a summer camp but in autumn 🏕. Nothing to see here

  5. I think communism is like a Animal farm, where other pigs stare at dying pig, but cant do anything,feeling of hopelessness, and then one day its your turn for Dying mercilessly..

  6. Can you please do me a favor and translate in subtitles to 中文?
    I’ll buy your patreon or whatever.
    If you can’t find someone to speak or write Chinese I can.
    It doesn’t matter. It needs to be done.

  7. You don't have to pity the Chinese people because they love the CCP Govt. And, no need to pray for them because they don't believe in God. Chinese people believe that they are the richest country in the world, they don't need your money or donations.
    Xi Thought is now a required curriculum in All school levels .
    And, all religious leaders are required to chant and/or recite the CCP slogan,
    Learn the history of the party, praise the party, follow the party.
    This is clear proof that the CCP is a cult.

    The Truth is …
    all my Chinese friends are laughing at foreigners outside of China.
    So No need to pity the Chinese.
    They really love the CCP
    and Xi Xi Pooh

  8. hundreds get taken there every day but if you look up the "official numbers" on the WHO, China doesn't have more than 10 new daily cases, what a bunch of bs the WHO has become

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