China 🇨🇳 CANCELS Net Zero After Destroying The West 🤦‍♂️

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. There are two types of people in this world – those who will help you if you help them, and those who will help themselves if you help them. Politicians would do well to understand this.

  2. There are two types of people in this world – those who will help you if you help them, and those who will help themselves if you help them. Politicians would do well to understand this.

  3. Netherlands and Germany , are serving bugs 🐜 🐛 🐞 for kids lunch at their schools, lots will die freezing this winter, many will need to decide about pay the bills or buy bugs to eat!

  4. I'll bet they still try to push on with Idiot Agenda though!! Anyone who pushes for the total crap of nett zero should be given a good ding on the earhole and a 1 way ticket to China.

  5. China has been telling the world this was what they intended, but no one in authority was listening. They have been building coal fired power stations at a rate of 1 a week. With a (say) 40-50 year like, these plants will operate well beyond 2050, the date they committed to. Are our leaders that stupid? Or could it be that Western leaders do themselves believe in net zero and were just using this (and Covid) as cover for something else like power and control maybe? Digital ID Cards, Central Bank Digital Currencies, food? You choose.

  6. Well we only have our own governments to blame. The West only wanted to trust China because they were throwing money around to any greedy politicians who wanted it. Trouble is we all now pay the price of their greed and stupidity.

  7. net zero is a scam as promoted right now. Good idea but unrealistic. we can work towards it, but it will be a slow transitions as we make progress. To cut off petrol, diesel and other oil fuel before having a sustainable alternative is Idiotic.

  8. Ping Pong took advantage of a situation in the west where the gullible and stupid are in 'control '
    and to be fair he played his cards as we would have done if it were the other way round, perhaps this will be a wake up call for everybody entertaining this nonsense 🤔 it's not hip, cool, clever to run your economy into the ground, ring sting saw this and couldn't believe his luck!!

  9. China is abandoning 'Net Zero' ????
    Really? They have been building coal fired power station while we been closing them down and relying on wind power. Therefore, China was only Net Zero in name only, while we are now stranded way up wind power creek without a paddle . Go Woke, Go Broke ! 😕

  10. The same stupidity built the Bolsheviks in Russia and gave funding to the Nazis. Pol Pot, Sadam Hussein, Noriega, Cartels, Isis, Iranian mullahs, Taliban, Human trafficking, Arms dealers, all the suffering and monstrosity built by the elites and inflicted on the masses. The same old game with new names.

  11. China manufactures for more or less the whole world … that was never going to be feasible using renewable sources … I can't decide whether the politicians in the West who believed China's word on net Zero were naive or deliberately blind.

  12. The West's so called leaders are idiots…Clear to all for YEARS China has no intention of having control over their emissions…A new Coal powered Power Station opens every frigging week in China….These people are so gullible it's unreal…🤔😳🙄🙄😏😏😏🇬🇧

  13. Are the left going to ban and boycott ALL Chinese product on the basis that they are guilty of destroying the world?? Maybe they will camp outside the Chinese embassy!! I think not; which shows it was all a game played on us.

  14. Come on you are not so naive to know the bigger picture in play, the gold-backed currencies are now not part of the world bank, their petrodollar scam anymore, and Russia, China, India, Africa, etc half the worlds population will not be in the Rothchilds banking system and you don't know, whatever lol 😆

  15. We will never have a level playing field as long as our politicians sell us down the river. Only a right of immediate recall by constituent party members can save us. Let's rid ourselves of millionaire politicians and their international billionaire donors.

  16. The west did this to themselves with the hypocritical media, activists, celebrities, elites and politicians bowing to a 12 year old nutty girl, while in reality they all flew in their private jets.

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