China: A Masterclass in Controlling the Population

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Let’s say you’re a political leader or an aspiring one of a country and you want more power
Because with more power, comes more money, more business
You want to bring back the good ol’ days of kings and queens and royalty
So we need to learn how to maneuver around the population
And what better example to learn how to master this skill than from the world’s second greatest economy – China

The enemy of the government is information
If you control the flow of information, you control the population
Controlling the internet is so important to China that they have an entire division of the government dedicated to it and have an entire industry that’s booming financially
Allow people to criticise the gov to give them the illusion of free speech, but don’t let them mobilize
Use the very clever Chinese tactic of flooding
Instead of outright censoring websites, use people’s impatience to your advantage

If you’re a US company and you want access to China’s 1.4 billion people to sell and market to, you have to kiss the ring
China offers Chinese tech startups the incentive of less competition
It’s citizens are put in a similar position. Things could be better, but our GDP per Capita, average income, and our overall quality of life has improved so much
We’re here to build an empire of subservient subjects – it will take some time

The culture of a society is the root of everything
It’s not the laws and institutions that influence the crowd, it’s the crowd’s culture that allows for the laws to be passed and for the institutions to act as they do
This is the hardest part of the equation bc changing a culture takes time
Luckily for China, their culture has already been rooted in the family instead of the individual for generations
If you’re able to solve this problem of culture, everything will fall into place with much less friction bc all the powers, censorship, surveillance, leverage, and puppet strings will just be an inevitable downstream of the culture you created

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Written by Jake Tran


  1. Man…. I've been living here in China for 4 years and you spelled it out to a tee. The spin job, and narrative control during this crisis is like nothing I've ever seen. Imagine Chinese people crossing the street when they see me because they think I'M the cause of the virus. If it wasn't so heinous I'd ALMOST respect this level of manipulation

  2. Sounds like America. Only difference is China is more capable of any sort of immediate action. America would be fighting over seas, on our front door and still amongst each other.

  3. One difference between China and the U.S is that the Chinese know their government censors information. Here in the U.S, most people don't know they are fed with a lot of misinformation.
    Same result, different approach.

  4. As a Chinese citizen who's been living here my whole life, your videos are spot-on on the government's manipulation and censorship. I know these all along but I've learned my lessons not to speak out my opinions in public, and I can't even say some of my opinions to my friends because everyone is a snitch nowadays (learned that the hard way too.) The only way I can have some information freedom is with a secured VPN or VPS. Thanks for your videos Jake!

  5. I do not like China at all. But I do think there's merits in information control sometimes. Dangerous conspiracy theories, misinformation, can make people do bad things. Like the guy going to pizza store in DC to free children sexually abused only to find that was fake news planted in him. Or conspiracies on masks, vaccines and autism, etc. Fact does have to prevail over falsehoods. Blowing up yourself for 72 virgins is a lie, not a fact. So in some aspects, if your population is full of idiots like America and China, you want to control information so idiots don't do something terrible. China can also get everyone on the same page and get everyone to pull together because of one culture, one people. Mind control over mono-culture society can be good but also dangerous for other countries and global stability.

  6. ??Pot Calling The Kettle Black!??? Morpheus Said "You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe"
    Majority of Americans take the blue pill, only few Americans take the Red pills!

  7. everything you said is pretty much correct and its my way of ruling if im in charge of things, however through the long years of chinese family background i can tell you that the issue is resided with the culture not the strategy they use, if you know chinese a bit more deeply you will see that the reason for the saving face is not about shame anymore, stupid people fear shame, smart people want reputation, people are smart enough to see that save face dont get you rice or meat, but it does hinder your option, mainly because of the overwhelming mob mentality due to population and over superstition culture history you can even see to this day, why religion is ban in china? not because they hate it, same reason why drugs is strictly ban in china, because they lack the self control for superstition as well as opium, it was ban because it disestablish everything they know, every minor faction they allows to live will seek to strive to conquer and dictate others, like business needs monopoly, and for every minor faction they tolerated a ten thousand more will appear, thats why in china flooding doesnt work in the long run, falungong was created because of this, it becomes a treat to the ccp because minor people will attract more people, sheep herd phenomenon they called, china is never going to have democracy because every beggar wants to taste the dragon chair if you know what i mean, and why every single person want to taste power in china because they believe a world with themselves should be in the center, thats why its call "middle nation" in chinese, its totalitarian not because people dont want democracy, but because they cant handle democracy, give them democracy is like giving children a bio-weapons, ironically, thats why you ways work in the west but not in china

  8. the thing about china is that the people believe in their government because a few decades ago 90% of the population was poor farmers living in fishing villages. now almost all of them have been pulled out of poverty and their country has become the 2nd largest economy on the planet. i dont know about you, but if that happened i would have 100% faith in my government regardless of the bullshit they pulled

  9. The US is not so different, they give the illusion of free-speech, but mass media is controlled by people with similar interests, and man, police do a good job to protect the corporation, I mean, the "country".

  10. We should stop working with countries like china. They treat our businesses unfairly. They don't respect rights and teach racism and nationalism.
    We thought that prosperity and wealth would make them more free, but the contrary happened. We should stop with the experiment china.

  11. 9:21 "never let a good crisis go to waste" No wonder when every mass shooting occurred, the surges for gun control(ban) laws followed.
    Basically, it feels like just one mass shooting away from a total ban of guns.

  12. The scariest part of this video is how much it applies to the changes that have been occurring in the west over the past two decades. From leveraging crises, to flooding our media with information/misinformation, attempts to grab power inch by inch in the name of "public interest," and subverting an individualist rooted culture in favor of a collective one.