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CHINA has announced that it is EXITING from its OIL & GAS investments in the WEST. China has invested in Oil & Gas fields in countries including USA, Canada & UK over the past 10 years or so. However after CNOOC was BLACKLISTED by the USA & The USA issued THREATS OF SANCTIONS against China it has now announced that it is exiting from all of these investments. In this video I provide the full details and discuss the potential implications of this for both China and the Global Economy.

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0:00 Intro
2:53 CNOOC
13:32 WHY NOW?


Written by Joe Blogs


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  1. When you look at all the wars USA was involved in to steal other people’s oil. They even support Israeli oil field thief of other countries oil. They should not complain is China or others do it until they stop it.

  2. Well, the furor of P Biden going back on promises not to lease more in the Gulf of Mexico is such a con.
    There are 3300 PRIVATIZED OIL AND GAS RIGS IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. PRIVATIZED, I SAID. As for GOVERNMENT sponsored oil rigs, there are ONLY 50.
    Yes, I, and you, would have thought that our governments controlled the oil leases but NO, Mexico has no protection from having to bow to private power as the deals are made OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL.
    Oh, but the beauty of such a con you have to admire; the public gets the propaganda about controlling drilling all the while corporates continue extraction.

  3. USA bombing list : the democracy world tour

    -Korea and China 1950-1953
    (Korean War)
    -Guatemala 1954
    -Indonesia 1958
    -Cuba 1959-1961
    -Guatemala 1960
    -Congo 1964
    -Laos 1964-1973
    -Vietnam 1961-1973
    -Cambodia 1969-1970
    -Guatemala 1967-1969
    -Grenada 1983
    -Lebanon 1983-1984
    (both lebanese and syrian targets)
    -Libya 1986
    -Elsavador 1980s
    -Nicaragua 1980s
    -Iran 1987
    -Panama 1989
    -Iraq 1991 (persian gulf war)
    -Kuwait 1991
    -Somalia 1993
    -Bosnia 1994-1995
    -Sudan 1998
    -Afghanistan 1998
    -Yugoslavia 1999
    -Yemen 2002
    -Iraq 1991-2003
    (US/UK on reguler basis)
    -Iraq 2003-2015
    -Afghanistan 2001-2015
    -Pakistan 2007-2015
    -Somalia 2007-8 and 2011
    -Yemen 2009 and 2011
    -Libya 2011 and 2015
    -Syiria 2014-2015

    Never forget who's the real threat to the world !!

  4. I think it's obvious China is not "neutral". They had chosen Russia even before the invasion started.
    Look at their domestic propaganda, their social media (what they censor or amplify, etc)
    They clearly stand with Russia all the way

  5. Great analysis & conclusions. It must be kept in mind that many Western companies had abandoned their Russian operations shortly after Feb 25. Rather than nationalize these companies, Putin seems to have made up his mind to sell these assets to friendly investors (perhaps China, India & the other BRICS). The recent move to seize full control of Sakhalin-2 gas and oil project in Russia could be an attempt to force out Shell and Japanese investors. Shell is already in talks with an Indian energy consortium to sell its stake in Sakhalin-2, as was reported in May.

  6. Both are totalitarian dictatorships and will make perfect bedfellows. Why would the free market world want to do anything with such cretins is beyond me. The US and Europe need to be more self sufficient. We need to get our chip technology out of Taiwan before it's too late.

  7. China is prepping for their invasion of Taiwan. This move severs its fuel ties with the west. Next, they will control the flow of imports to the west and cripple western demand. China tested the waters under the guise of a Covid outbreak recently. People wake up….or wake up one day under China rule!

  8. The analysis is flawed at best. The reality is China needs to raise capital and fast. With a massive economic slowdown on the horizon, China announced $120 billion in infrastructure spending. This is expected to be coupled with a $1 Trillion funding gap in terms of government spending. China needs to raise cash and quickly to handle this crisis or risk their economy falling into deep recession. While China will continue to purchase from Russia (because of the steep discount they can negotiate with Russia as one of the few countries willing to buy their oil remaining over the coming decade) It's likely they'll begin liquidating whatever assets they can. They'll try to also raise money in whatever way they can through "challenging the status quo with the US Dollar." If they can pull this off, then they can borrow a lot more without risking inflation. The only problem? No one wants to hold BRICS currencies because they don't have the same flexibility as the US Dollar. It's unlikely such a push will succeed, which closes the opportunity to borrow on the RMB. Printing money will lead to inflation and injecting another $1 Trillion would cause rampant inflation. We'll see what happens here, but the situation is not really that great for China currently.

  9. i blame ALL the western companies that used China for slave labour, took their businesses out of the west to make maximum profit….that has made China rich over a few decades now we are here. thanks Western corporate traitors. I hope all these business oligarchs enjoy an upcoming war. While you personally make billions you are contributing to the demise of the west. All those harvard professors selling out western secrets for money. Apple, Nike…all of them.

  10. We have sanctioned a lot of countries over the years. Unsurprisingly, other countries are starting to look for ways of depending less on the US economically.

  11. It's old Russian tradition to double cross China. Putin believes Mao stole Soviet land. When Russia gets the upper hand they will get revenge for the past. China is getting ready to go to war with the West over Taiwan. When China has it's hands full, Putin will take the land back from Xi. Putin has contempt for China, and views them as big a threat as NATO. Once Putin is done with his failed war, he will "set things right" with China. Right now both nations are in trouble, so it will be interesting to see who actually wins between China and Russia. Especially after China has burned all it's bridges with the West. Putin is betting, that when China is busy waging war against Taiwan, the world would forgive him, for using nukes against China.

  12. It's easy to think China would now buy cheap energy from Russia but why buy it if you can control it for free. Russia is making a mistake to think China is it's friend. Also maybe they just want some money from thier problematic western energy interests.

  13. makes sense economically. great price to exit now. and russia sanctions will drive prices down for russian oil and gas as russia needs markets badly.
    if china gets oil and gas from russia, demand from china for other gas and oil may go down, lowering prices in the long term.
    finally, assets can be seized by the west, making exit even more reasonable.

  14. China is super entangled with the Western (pro-American) world which represents roughly 60-65% of the world's GDP and is the richest consumer market on this planet. So I don't see how they can pivot on the spot and forego all its western trade for Russia which is 1.5% (and shrinking) of the world's GDP and Russia is a country on a verge of demographic/economic collapse. There is just no way to do such a U-turn. If the West sanction China as they did with Russia, it's gonna be a cataclysmic recession for the entire world if not a true WW3.

  15. China move is very easy , they know that when they attack " Taiwan " they will get the same sanctions and block like " Russia ' so they are right now preparing the optional channels for when its so far to attack " Taiwan "

  16. I make this comment on a NOT MADE IN CHINA desktop PC. Hey GLOBAL CONSUMERS show china how you feel about their support for putin and their combined illegal, immoral actions against Ukraine, Hong Kong , Taiwan and many others. DEFUND the chinese military, STOP BUYING chinese PRODUCTS. Many countries who are GOOD GLOBAL CITIZENS make awesome products as substitutes.

  17. Wow, the Americans trying to school the Chinese! All countries facing sanctions from America and her comrades; should just come together and form their union, and the west would be soiling their pants. I know that sleepy Joe is doing that right now.

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