China-Backed Bloomberg Finally Admits to Beijngs’ Coronavirus Coverup

Sellouts finally bite the hand that feeds them their talking points:

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  1. Not like Obumba didn't deplete the federal stockpile, and then Trump did nothing upon taking office to replenish it. He would of been briefed on it. Then Trump got warned by Fauci that there'd be a new disease during his presidency, on Jan 6th 2017. Still did nothing. Things would have been probably cut in half in the US, if they had reupped the stockpile from the get go. But muh impeachment distraction is everybody's excuse for that now. Fuck China, Fuck globalism, and Fuck the 2 partyline sheeple!

  2. See source link below : South China morning post (indirectly owned by south faction of CCP/China) already reported china did not count no symptoms infections! at 43000. and this is obviously just the tip of the iceberg of China's Lies >>

    A third of coronavirus cases may be ‘silent carriers’, classified Chinese data suggests

    quote: “ More than 43,000 people in China had tested positive for Covid-19 by the end of February but had no immediate symptoms, a condition typically known as asymptomatic, according to the data. They were placed in quarantine and monitored but were NOT INCLUDED in the official tally of confirmed cases, which stood at about 80,000 at the time.

    Scientists have been unable to agree on what role asymptomatic transmission plays in spreading the disease. A patient usually develops symptoms in five days, though the incubation period can be as long as three weeks in some rare cases.”

  3. no testing, no up reporting , no cases obviously. Data from China are obviously fake . GUANGDOND , a large province as big and populous as many european nation has not been updating the virus numbers since Later Feb 2020 >>>

    不测试 / 不更新上报, 不就可以没或很少确诊咯。 中国什么都是造假 做戏, 中国广东省已经 一个多月 没上报 他们省 的 感染/死亡人数了 》》》

    “ Total tests by country

    These two charts show the most up-to-date estimates of testing levels that we’ve been able to find (as of 20 March 2020, 18.00 GMT). You’ll see that some countries’ data is older than others, meaning that they can’t be directly compared. For instance, the estimate for the province of Guangdong in China has not been updated since 24 February.”

    關於武漢肺炎疫情數據,誠意推薦跟蹤這個專頁。Highly recommended page.




  4. China’s coronavirus conspiracy: Wuhan residents tell of chilling death toll clue

    Quote: “ China announced 2,535 deaths in Wuhan – the initial epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic – which was locked down for two months.

    But some locals believe the number is closer to 50,000.

    News website reported that 5,000 urns had been delivered by a supplier to the Hankou Funeral Home in just one day.

    “It can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round the clock, so how can so few people have died?” a Wuhan resident surnamed Zhang told Radio Free Asia.

    A resident surnamed Gao said the city’s seven crematoriums should have a capacity of around 2,000 bodies a day if they work around the clock.“Anyone looking at that figure will realise, anyone with any ability to think,” Gao said. “What are they talking about [2,535] people?”

    “Seven crematoriums could get through more than that [in a single day].”

    Some people estimate 46,800 COVID-19 victims will have been cremated, based on the capacity of the funeral homes.

    Buying silence

    Residents say city officials have been buying their silence with 3,000 yuan ($685) cash handouts in “funeral allowances” to make sure cremations are completed by the grave-tending festival of Qing Ming on April 5.

    “It’s to stop them keening [a traditional expression of grief]; nobody’s allowed to keen after Qing Ming has passed,” Wuhan local Chen Yaohui said.

    Another resident, Hu Aizhen, lost his mother to COVID-19 and said nobody in the city believes the official death toll.”

  5. (see attached you tube VIDEO LINK) chinese American programme where he minus off the urn collection estimation and minus off the monthly death rates and still gets about 32000 dead in WUHAN ALONE! (WUHAN INFECTIONS ALONE SHOULD BE 640 000 ) >> 42000 is based on urn death calculation and before discounting the natural death rate per month. STONE 记 did a calculation which i believe is slightly more accurate BUT do NOTE, this is freaking JUST WUHAN ONLY !!!


    单是 武汉 真实死亡数其实 是 大约3万2千 (32000) , 单单 武汉的感染人数大约64万 (640 000)。推算办法 和 解释得还相当好。 连 自然(死亡率都计算)死亡人数 都 扣除了!》》》


  6. At this point, I doubt even the WHO are taking China seriously but calling China out now will only cause more problems if anything. The time for that is after this pandemic. I suspect allot of countries are going to be looking at their relationship with China carefully, even countries like Russia and Iran.

  7. He is really right about this regarding the economy of China and the CCP interest in lying about how strong the economy is. They definitely want everyone else in the world to have more economic problems now than they do in China.

    If this is the same as the reason why the GDP numbers coming from China have always been fake. China has been in a severe recession since the second half of 2015. No mainstream media Outlet will tell you that. A casual observation of basically anything will prove that to be correct.

    No company ever planned to spend a couple hundred million dollars or billions of dollars moving into a country that was in recession. It's impossible. The CCP has a crucial need for US Dollars. Basically anyone around the world that does any business with them is either doing business in dollars or whatever they're doing it in is being converted to dollars by the CCP. The large Investments of companies moving into China spending hundreds of millions of dollars at a time in US dollars is exactly what they need and is exactly what they will have none of for the foreseeable future if everybody knows they are in a recession. But with the trade war and all that they're not getting much of that anymore anyway. And everyone who was going to do it probably already did at least on the larger scale.

    This is what I always tell people and I can't stress this enough, there is no bad news in China. There is only good news in China. At the end of last summer I was reading a state newspaper in China which I read completely very often, and articles in that we're saying that there is a very strong economic recovery underway. That's strange, no previous issue of that newspaper had ever reported any condition that was bad from which one would want to recover. Things were always great and getting better. Better and better. Better and better. The mood of the country had gotten so bad after about 16 months of the trade war that they had to change the story into we're having a big economic recovery now.

    The Trump tariffs did precisely what they were supposed to do. Even in view of that, already twice this week I've already read in Professional Publications for the electronic manufacturing industry and in the mainstream media what a huge failure the trade war was, how ill-advised it is, how much it backfired, how badly it is going. This is completely fake news. Styxhexenhammer666 is always correct in saying the most fundamental thing, you can't have a trade War when the other side is the buyer. China is swinging nothing for leverage in this trade War. They are the seller. We are the buyer. Another thing I tell people and I have never been disproven on this, kids all you need is one to win the bet, China possesses no unique technology. If I gave you a year to look for one you couldn't find me a single Chinese patent that somebody outside China is sending a royalty check to China every year for using it.

  8. China always lies about virus deaths systematically. Look up annual flu deaths in China. They had a bad flu last year, and an official death toll of only 143. In most years about 50. They are just flat out liars putting out fake numbers to make the CCP look good. This virus is no different.

  9. It really doesn't matter to the united states or Italy where it came from or if China hid knowledge for 4-8 months. One only needs to look at the Health organizations public comments in Italy, New York and the district politicians. They wanted to call out Trump as a xenophobe and in doing so encouraged mass groupings in China Towns in New York and San Francisco, Subway and Mass Transit usage and in Italy to go up and Hug the Wu Hannians….dont bother China about this virus anymore unless you want to put an end to future viruses and to date I see zero efforts to pressure China to shut down wet markets where we get yearly pandemics like clockwork that are nearly as deadly as this one.

  10. In 2012, Trump’s company opened an office in China to manage the building of new hotels which were never built. That office closed a few years later when the CCP had issues with the land being used.

  11. I've been saying this for a month now. China used virus to level the playing field, after all China loss the trade war. China's acting like the kid that always loses in the neighborhood game of football, so they're going to take the ball and going home.

  12. You're gonna need at least five guys and some rope if you think you are testing me. I ride the back of a garbage truck for a living. Work load has been exceedingly heavy lately. People are panicdepression eating big time. The obesity complications with this bug, could end up kicking our asses.

  13. Dude, China is the new Nazi party. Racist, totalitarianism, and with world domination goals. And we're doing business with them? Did we learn nothing from WWII? Wall Street needs to be forced to make the right choice.

  14. Watching the Western media fall all over themselves to praise China while they work diligently and ferociously to undermine the confidence of Americans in our elected leadership has been truly eye-opening. Thank you for all of your reporting.

  15. Trump will push expanding medical supply/pharmaceutical manufacturing as a response to our reliance on China's strong hold on the industry.

    The left will call this a racial attack against our yellow friends.

  16. Testing totally sucks. Cross-reacts with trivalent flu vaccine, for instance. So get FALSE POSITIVES. And has a high rates of FALSE NEGATIVES. Meanwhile, charts are getting changed in hospitals making CV the cause of death in the US even when the treating physicians hasn't specified this and showed some other COD, like cardiovascular disease. More garbage data.

  17. Trump HAD buildings in China, I'm sure China has taken over those building, and said Fuck Trump, we are in a cold war with China now. Socialist Virus "One sufferers all must suffer., sounds like Bernie and AOC.