China Becomes Belligerent, Australia Fights Back

China Australia tensions are at an all time high, after Australia called for an independent investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. Chinese foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian famously tweeted a fake image of an Australia soldier doing something not nice, tying in to an investigation about Australia Afghanistan activities. China as launched a major trade war on Australia, putting tariffs on Australian wine, lobsters, and even the China iron ore they so desperately need. Joining us today to talk about it is Australian Senator Eric Abetz, who has spoken up about the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Australia.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Lol China has blackouts due to coal supply issues , now the WTO is involved either China keeps pushing and the world see the real dictatorship for what they are or they will back down and shut their bloody mouths !

  2. We down under have other export partners and allies and we will find other areas to send our exports too plus the CCP has always tried to undermind Australian influence in the region.