China “Belt And Road” – Why It Has Failed

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China has proposed a One Belt One Road project, and it’s already started to break ground… well, kind of. In an effort to link the countries along the old silk road, China has started some massive investment projects in countries like Pakistan, Malaysia, and many more. Here’s why we think it might not work.

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Dongdamen Night Market, Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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  1. Youre two idiots. USA: Flynt Michigan, 4million incarcerated, 1million homeless, AND they been stealing the whole world for 70 years with Debt (IMF, WB). China has just waking up. They are the new superpower, imagine when the 1,5 billion are middle class. They´re gonna cuadruple US economy by far.

  2. The 5% Ethnic Chinese minority RUN Malaysian business, banking, and are very deep into the government bureaucracy & intelligence services. But damn, Malaysia is a beautiful place and it is the model majority (85%) Muslim country. Now the Covid BS and the EPIC flooding seems to show FAMINE in the lea leaves in China and North Korea. Look out if the 3 Gorges dam gives way.

  3. China s,people need infrastructure at home as much as usa and europe citizens need them too. Fed up of of those rotten leftards politicians bragging helping others with our money instead doing good in their country.

  4. A friend of mine who once worked in the Sudanese Foreign Ministry showed me a document which was part of a treaty with China. When I read it I commented that if France or the UK tried something like this they would be accused of neo colonialism. I have heard about similar things happening elsewhere in Africa.
    As for China supporting overseas countries whilst ignoring things at a home is nothing new. Mao was a past master when it came to this.
    I recall a friend father who was significant in the DDR told me that in the 1960's China was subsidising the DDR with food exports. Even during the famine due to "The Great Leap Forward" China sent "Aid" to countries like Hungary and Poland!
    Your comments regarding the USSR where interesting. My late Father was very interested in the Soviet (and Chinese) motor vehicle industries. I recall an incident around 1986 when he received a visit from a senior embassy official who had come to ask him about a tractor factory somewhere in Soviet Central Asia. The official asked Dad for his opinion about the plant and Dad replied that he was pretty sure that it didn't exist. Before going on to add that he (or the people with whom he corresponded with etc etc) had never seen any documents/photos concerning tractors built at this plant.
    It turned out that it was a scam that had been going on for many years and the plant never actually existed.
    The reason why the official spoke to Dad apparently was because it was known that the group of vehicle enthusiasts to which he belonged actually knew more about the subject than Moscow did!
    In the end with the help from Dad and his friends at least two other factories where exposed as bogus!
    Yet they had been receiving money from Moscow for decades and due to coruption nothing was actually done about such things. It wasn't until the Gorbachev era that something was done about such things. But by then it was far too late!
    I suspect that vast amounts of the money Beijing is investing in this project will be lost due to coruption at all levels.

  5. The Belt Road Initiative, String of Pearls, South China Sea Development is a Chinese poncy scheme when one country invites another country to join them with a promise of economic returns from China at the top, in reality, it is clever hegemony and indentured slavery because if countries fail to return the project loans that country becomes a satellite state and its resources impounded until the debt is settled; there is nothing silky about the silk road it is very murky chow mien and CORVID-19.

  6. any western country would probably give ADVChina big grant for doing so much for tourism and PR for country…. but not China, they tried to prosecute ADV. It cannot be underestimated how much this channel has changed perception of China beyond mere scandalous daily journalism and politics.

  7. there it was, in that one comment. China could have become #1 country in world every way, but made critical mistake, which should be against their political goals (keep economic growth and citizens happy), but they , how to put it, ignore inequality, or other words seems that it is enough if big cities people are happy and rich, but nobody cares about those Kaili people, yet what will happen is same as in western countries, EU, economic growth is nice, but not when it means rich people get richer and you ordinary person get poorer and unemployed. In west politicians very long neglected this, causing all sorts of backfire in politics. In many places they still dont understand or dont want to admit they made mistake in this regard.

  8. LOCs.

    Leverage on debtor nations is a way distant second place.

    Muddy foot peasants, who are NOT making waves and who ARE working hard… aren't even on the priority list at all.

    Bombs and tanks move long distances by ship. Not by air. The only form of transpo measured in tonnage… that even comes close to shipping… is trains.

    Oh… and by the way, China doesn't care if we know about their peasants either. They DO care… if their peasants know about us.

    Put another way. You won't fix China telling the world about their "secrets."

    You might fix China by telling the peasants, about the secrets being kept from THEM.

  9. So dismissive! The BRI is a large project over Eurasia n you said it is a failure! You should read the progress made along with some of the stalled projects but it is moving ahead n benefitting the participating countries!