China Could Be Preparing For Full Scale WAR – Chris Martenson

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  1. A break in trade with China would destroy the economy in the USA. China makes all sorts of parts, components, and products that the USA relies on. The automotive industry alone, both repair and new vehicles, would be hammered. These "supply chain issues" would make the Covid supply disruptions look like a well oiled machine. Selling out our nations industrial base in favor of a hyper financialized economy was a catastrophic error, and like Chris said, really treasonous in nature. For a pile of profits our corporations and politicians castrated our industry.

  2. You need to have Dr Shiva on your channel. He discovered Twitter censorship long before now, and won his case in the courts! Don’t bring Elon up like he discovered something he didn’t, even the news ignores this finding. Set the truth free on your channel!
    Truth, freedom and health!
    Shiva ❤️

  3. Very go od stuff, thank you foryour content!

    One addition: China is using Myanmar to avoid strait of malakka. They are financing junta and energy infrastructure projects.
    As we know China, they are moving quickly ones they made a decision.

  4. As long as corporate America is all about greed, they will sale our enemies the bullets to fight us with. Unintelligent is a understatement, start our manufacturing and stop feeding China!

  5. Zeihan doesn't think China is a real threat, his arguments make sense basically China depends on a globalized market economy with trade lanes guaranteed by the US navy. They are completely dependent on imports of key material like energy, food through choke points in the Pacific, not to mention tech from the West. War with the US is not feasible for them they would be destroyed in a few weeks.

  6. China screwed itself with its misogyny. They have a very narrow window (5-10 years) before their economy is crippled by its elderly. This is the time for them to act but we will blast them out of the sky if they try outright aggression.

  7. Not to get preachy, but "make peace with your God." Hard times are coming, and many might not survive it. Only if you are ready to face your maker will you find peace during the storm.

  8. you are brilliant, yep. but you have become just another mercenary talking head teasing on youtube to collect your 'tribe' profits if we pay. guess that's the way of the world now. good thing there are still truth warriors out here who don't charge max rates….for speaking truth to power. good luck to you.

  9. 29:20 The Chinese Exclusion Act and the Immigration Act of 1924 are the main reasons why there are fewer Asians in the US when compared to the others. Immigration from Korea stopped when Japan occupied Korea. Even after the liberation, emigration was restricted because the Korean government feared a brain drain. This went on till the early 1980s.

  10. The best propaganda is the truth … and when a perennial liar uses the truth, that's when you should become suspicious and very worried. I'm an old man now, but I remember when I heard the MSM telling the truth I got all excited (but that was in the 70s before Jimmy F. Carter … Jimmy F. really red-pilled me – albeit that's now how we would have said it in '78) …

  11. WARNING Paxlovid is dangerous. It interacts with 32 other meds my Father was prescribed Paxlovid while on blood thinners he had a massive stroke. I asked them to take him off and was ignored

  12. Aren't you already rich? Corporations give everything for free in exchange for out data. Real tribe is voluntary tribe with voluntary exchange of private services and skills.
    And you want to cut your costs than grow your biofuel and learn to code… you can also ask somebody help you dut trees for wood for winter.
    Why would anybody pay for your content?

  13. 17:06 The price of electricity will skyrocket if most of the cars are EV. And this really won't solve air pollution. Air pollution would continue in order to create enough electricity. There aren't enough wind power and solar power to support that many EVs. Unfortunately, there are countries that closed down their nuclear power plants for political reasons.

  14. Yes, another love letter to the inhabitants below. We love to force
    people out of their situations and watch them flounder and die. Our
    wars in the Middle East have spawned a river of refugees 38 million
    strong out of their homes and their countries. Why wouldn't they
    love us back?? Especially once we had killed members of their
    families and friends who were noncombatants. It is no wonder we
    have more terrorists than we started with. We are the greatest
    recruiting team the terrorists ever had. How many Syrian Bombers
    have you seen overhead? How many Iranian Gun Boats are off of our
    shores or ports? The answer is none. But we are off of their shores
    or actually in their country. We are the aggressors and it is like
    we are beating puppies and kittens to death. Where are our ethics?

    When you care enough to send the very best. It is comforting to know that
    it was the Democrats who killed all of those people in Syria. Makes you
    anxious to see who they will bomb next and why they felt they had to.
    Thank Hilary for protecting us from Omar in Libya. She asked him to disarm,
    he did and we carpet bombed them back into the 1700's. Who is going to
    trust us again? Remember the Japanese tanker that hit an Iranian mine back
    in the Summer of 2019? It hit the ship well above the waterline (not where mines
    do damage. It was a US missile probably fired by a US Drone which gave us the
    picture of an Iranian Coast Guard Sailor taking a magnetic indicator off the side
    of the tanker. Great Kodak moment. When the ship got back to Japan, the parts
    of the missile were American, oops, details, details. That will teach the Japanese
    to break our embargo.

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