China Covering Up AWFUL Behavior! This Has To Stop Now!

What is happening, out in plain site is truly shocking and more people need to speak out on the issue. Stop buying from China if you can.

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Actually, a lot of the western world is speaking up to China now, thanks to the coronavirus. The US has become very vocal against the CCP.

  2. Thank you for covering this. The CCP is the greatest enemy of this generation. It literally has border disputes with all of its neighbors.

  3. The BBC asked the Chinese ambassador about this video, check out the clip. Props though mate for speaking up on it. Ask yourself how China can perform 60-100 thousand organ transplants at nearly on demand levels! The Falun Gong have been going through the same. The CCP need to be stopped because they won’t stop until that region is 100% Han. It’s all because of the belt and road initiative.

  4. Let me lay this out for you our leaders in the finical sectors have decided that china's authoritarian capitalism (yes that's what they practice) is the future they want for the whole world, members of our own government have claimed that our government has been infiltrated by them at every level. As china IS READYING FOR WAR we are cutting our own throats for them and buying the very arms that will be used against us.

  5. they want that chinese semen they dont care that china is hiding evidence good thing though is the ccp is a dying government which is why theyre taking over hong kong so early

  6. Hot take; What if someone convinced Isis to start rescuing these people out if camps. A propaganda campaign alone would get people to talk about and maybe put the idea out there that they might actually adopt it.

  7. Well they also had the military go release Covid 19, then they helped knowingly spread the virus. Yeah they are a great friend to the world……..

  8. Everybody forgot about wwII – history repeats itself. America got buddy buddy with china because of the treasonous democrats and complicit MSM propaganda.