China Faces Collapse After Biggest Revolt Since Tiananmen Square

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China Is Days Away From Collapse After Biggest Revolt Since Tiananmen square

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Written by Michael Cowan


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  1. There is a difference between demonstrations and a revolt. Such demonstrations happened here in Europe too, all the same things were asked for, and our media and others called the people who demonstrated threats to democracy. You know exactly that a part of the citizens in Europe constantly asks for our governments to step down and part of the politicians ask their governments to step down. That is far from a revolt. That is normality and no country collapses from it.

  2. The globalists pigs are losing, The brave Chinese people can put and end to this madness now. Anyone with a brain in the West can see what the purpose of the Covid policies were.

  3. As long as the "rebellion" stays in the cities, it will be put down harshly and quickly. If it moves into western rural areas then the ccp might be at its end.
    NK and other despots are watching, their time is short. When people have nothing left to lose the cause of freedom becomes very important.

  4. China russia nato usa all have covid data bases wef calls xi biden and putin great up and world leaders they only pretend to be against eachother however the countrys elite are all against us

  5. Get him outta there! Ping is psychotic. China has preyed on the US’s generosity for two decades.
    Without Bill Clinton The Chinese people would still be growing rice and living in grass huts.

    Us Presidents have done more to help the Chinese people than their own government

  6. Prayers are with the Chinese people! May God intervene on behalf of the people! Well said Michael, we must stand up for freedom, never give it up!

    Stay well Michael and everyone, flu is running rampant. Its had me down for five days now!

  7. China got fat like a tick on the back of the world and now it’s time for it to fall off. Imagine if these assholes actually cared about the climate and reduced their fair share of emissions.

  8. There’s 1.3 billion Chinese….when he kills off a 100,000 the people will understand they are slaves. Exact reason why you NEVER give up the right to protect yourself from such governments/dictators,

  9. Very unlikely this will change much. The ccp has complete control over the country and will not allow these protests to erode it's power. More likely the ccp will crack down even harder on protesters. There is no social safety net in China so people will put up with a lot to keep working and survive.

  10. Even the intentor of the C19 test admitted that at 39 to 40 testing cycles the testing results are inaccurate. At 40 testing cycles you get near 100% positives. A goat, water, a fruit and a car tested positive for Covid at 40 cycles. Peace to China and its citizens. Let FREEDOM ring in China.

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