China Files Formal Complaint After Biden THREATENS To Defend Taiwan With Military Force

Guest: Daniel Turner
@DanielTurnerPTF (Twitter)

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  1. Brandon is working with Xi…they invade, when ready, and potato involves us, with a losing intent. Eventually, Ghina is invading the left coast. Check…Second Amendment. Sounds crazy, I know! But crazy, world shaking, plans seem to be afoot….And Russia conquering all of Europe, too.

  2. We got more people dieing from Fentonol that's crossing the border then ever and it's the fault of the white house and instead of fixing a problem the white house created they rather spend that $ getting your kids killed I'm a war that's not ours..

  3. China, like Russia, thinks that we are Evil because we start wars all over the planet to empower some rich people who work the European central banks. I, like most Americans, have no idea what they are talking about. Death to China!

  4. we are witnessing a terrible concept, China and Russia are both against the us
    this outcome is gonna end in hopefully end quick cause the other outcome results in a mushroom of wording

    china believes china is taiwan, any us intervention would be seen as an invasion to them

  5. The truth is much worse than what Luke thinks. There is no man behind the curtain. There is no shadowy cabal. The Democrats were just that desperate to gain power that the pulled a Weekend at Bernie’s with Biden and now we have a Commander in Chief who is physically present but mentally gone. Our country showed complete strategic paralysis during the Afghan collapse last year. Why? If there was someone pulling the strings, we would have done SOMETHING. Instead, we did nothing. Why? Because the President couldn’t be reached or, worse, he couldn’t reach a decision.

  6. There a book called "Fear. Trump in the Whitehouse" by Bob Woodard. This guy basically takes interviews and transcripts of former president's meetings with staff and writes them out as full fledged conversations based on witness testimony.

    Intro and ending of the book shows a scenerio in which a staffer (i forgot who) removes papers from Trumps desk in hopes that he would forget about them and not sign them into executive order. Of course their justification is "saving the nation from a madman".

    This stuff about the Whitehouse going rogue is true.

    This book will also show you how Steve Bannon was acting like Trump's handler, and pushing him towards certain agendas. The guy came off as knowing Teump better than Trump and manipulating him.

    The author is a leftist, but this book he rushed out diesnt paint Trump in a bad light like he tried to do. It just shows all the manipulation around the man.

  7. America SHOULD build electric powered vehicles. BUT… for now, they need onboard gas-powered generators. As soon as something legitimately better is readily available, swap out the generators for that. A good candidate is privatized Hydrogen gas production via electrolysis. Large oceanic platforms that use tidal motion to generate electricity, to extract the Hydrogen from seawater. Package the Hydrogen & use that to power combustion electric generators. NO hydrocarbons. Just water. The "exhaust" (water vapor) winds up back in the oceans. Sustainability. It's how I built my flying car. Seriously.

  8. You guys should have the founders of Edison Motors (they are on Tiktok) from Canada, they are working on a Hybrid powertrain for trucks that will allow you to convert truck to a hybrid that will have some ange fully electric but that you can charge from an onboard generator. it's very cool and they just finish their first crowd funded prototype and are not working on the second which will include the production style parts

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