China HARASSES Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines In South China Sea

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China goes to blows with Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines over disputed territory in the South China Sea this week. The first ever human transmission of a bird flu was reported. And Hong Kong is under lockdown to prevent Tiananmen Square Massacre protests from happening. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.

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  1. China intruded into the Malaysian airspace
    China :- we are conducting our regular exercise.
    Malaysia shoot down those intruders
    Malaysia :- we were also conducting our regular air defence exercise ??

  2. China argue with ASEAN nations:
    China : we are more advanced than you I have much armies than you have….

    ASEAN: really? you mean your unexperienced soldiers?

    China: oh really my soldiers trained always and they more advance using dummies and silhouettes and simulations…

    ASEAN: well our armies just fight some hand to hand … blood by blood against real humans.. like you know terrorist…. local insurgencies… we win even our equipment is lacking…. you know old schools… we don't retreat we using nature as our GPS…. so we dont need to use those advacement… we just need some funding..

    China: so you mean…. your army is more better in hand to hand combat? we got kungfu

    ASEAN: we got real experience not just like that….

    China: so you also mean we are losing you against old school huh?

    ASEAN: yeah….. thats the spice


    China: HE HE HE…..

    Also China: well as you see we got more stock of nukes….. we dont need armies after all…

    ASEAN: Wait hold up!

  3. Why this chanel support by falun gong group keep slandering about what ever China doing?
    STOP telling Liwa, bro/sis.. you telling fake news, to the hold world.. There was nothing happening at Indonesia, Malaysia etc..

  4. This is where our borrowing money goes. Would someone tell me why we borrow from a country that intends on using their weapons' on the US? Remember what HItler was doing????? And that impressive military? Do you think it's just a jobs-program? And yet, our very own politicians borrow money from CHINA? What the F????? The US is sooooooo dumb……

  5. Excuse me, but about the airspace violations….turkey bloody violates greek airspace tens of times EVERY SINGLE DAY. And the US does fuck all about it. Great picture to paint NATO in. Honestly. Same with turkish activity in the Greek EOZ.

  6. Why the hell are we just staying silent while china is winning we should just end it straight away china should just be bombarded they have got a corrupt government that doesn't think about civilization they are just dogs.

  7. Eventually china will answer for its numerous human rights violations. I have 0 faith it will happen under our current administration though. I just wish there was a way to discretely free and potentially arm the Chinese population, both from the propaganda they suffer, and the government whose boot is at their necks.

  8. What i live in Malaysia and don't even know abt this lol all we know is xinjiang cotton and how the western countries threw allt he unrecycable trash to us when they were suppose to send us recycable trash and yet call themselves the cleanest civilisation on earth while their not basically especially canada that couldn't even fund their own trash back to their country and Philippines had to do it

  9. By the way, how come the international community is not freaking out about this new bird flu virus? China has no credibility when it says anything about a virus coming from within their borders not being a big deal

  10. Don't forget Hong Kong Legislature in Nov 2020 China passed the Security Law all 19 pro democrat lawyers resign. Originally HK had total of 70 seats with 40 direct elected officials China dropped the number from 40 to 20 and increased the number of seats to 90 you know just to make sure, HK citizens can never pass laws in favor of the People's interests again.

  11. Indonesia is expanding it's submarine fleet to counter any threats form China. OK BUT why then did Indonesia let China 'help' in the search for it's lost submarine?
    For the PLA Navy it was an excellent exercise and intelligence gathering mission.