China Has A Debt Problem Three Times Larger Than Evergrande

Good infrastructure is one of the greatest investments a country can make. Unfortunately for China, you can have too much of a good thing.
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  1. Nope. You need to learn to read. though the bill is called the Infrastructure Bill, it spends hardly anything on real infrastructure. Read the bill before bragging about it.

  2. 2:01 wrong. Bus Rapid Transit involves giving busses dedicated lanes, indoor waiting, station fare checking, and traffic signal priority. It’s not as simple as sticking up a few signs and driving busses down the street

  3. If the United States wants to be a world leader, compete honestly and fairly with China. compete to promote a just and equal world order, don't spread unfounded anti-China slander. with evil intentions to continue to exploit developing countries

  4. I think this video is poorly researched and poorly executed. It failed at basic economics. It's not about whether the state rail is breaking even as a company. It's about whether the SERVICE it provides breaks even on a societal level.
    Most countries operate their rail at a constant loss. French RER is insane. Dutch Prorail / NS is garbage. Germany poured € 550 million into Deutsche Bahn only for 2021 and only as an extra subsidy on top of the regular subsidies.
    But it typically does not become a problem because the service of public transport creates so much economic value that it's worth it. Same with China since the rural factory workers who form the backbone of the economy use these railways to travel with.

    Also a major error when EE said "otherwise they'll just fly". No they won't, they can't afford that.

    And for people who see their children twice a year, traveling 6 hours instead of 29 hours by regular rail is a big thing.

    Next time try to research a topic properly… Maybe that'll also cut down on how many times Money & Macro has to debunk EE videos.

  5. Let’s just say this video was made out of his jealousy as an Aussie who :
    1. is still unable to have class-leading train service between large capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

    2. must also witness Australia’s poorer neighbour, Indonesia gets to enjoy world class train service which is provided none other than China.

    At least now.. as a Chinese Indonesian, I get to brag to any Aussie that my motherland (China) provided a priceless gift to my adopted land (Indonesia).

  6. The costs are clear, the benefits can not be calculated. What do I mean by that? The ability of people to move and interact with others and go from city to city enables higher productivity. People gain more experience and that leads to bigger productivity. Not all things can be calculated, because the benefits of certain projects create a lot of possibilities that we can't measure and can't see. I am a person which is against bailing out companies but if there is one that they should bailout, it is a transportation company…

  7. I noticed you are no longer advertising acorns or whatever their new name is. Do you still advocate using them? I'm looking to start a small investment account of some sort and as I've been watching your videos for a while acorns popped into my head as a convenient option but I am early on in my investigations having only just decided to start.
    Anyway I'd be interested to know if you still think they are a good option or if you stopped promoting them because you don't think they are still a good option rather than they just aren't paying you what you are worth lol Cheers 🙂

  8. China by building high speed train
    It has carried 100 million passengers in 2019
    It replace more than 1000 commercial airplanes
    Like Airbus 320 Boeing 737
    the reason US doesn’t have high speed train
    Because of Airlines and auto industry

  9. Your bias and shortsightedness is clear and evident, lets not even mention the billboard at 8:40, whilst the CRRC is a state owned corporation, profitability is not the overriding motivator as it is stll "state-owned", the secondary and tertiary economic benefits that provinces in western China have gained from the HSR outweighs any possible direct loss. If you had taken the time to do a deeper dive into the development of cities such as Chongqing and Chengdu, thanks greatly in part to HSR, then you would not be so critical.
    A country that has lifted 800 million people out of poverty in the last 30 years does not care about short term profitability of infrastructure projects.
    As a fellow Aussie, I say to you, pull your head out. What Australia has spent on this farcical nuclear sub deal with UK and US would have fully funded a HSR between Sydney and Melbourne twice over.

  10. Chinese work hard really hard, that's why they are fast.
    What about US debt problems? What's the amount of Chinese investment on US debt? China will be on top.
    1/6th world population is Chinese and compare that to US. Also, please exclude Americans those who got the citizenship from other countries too.
    Americans are dependent, that's it.

  11. Chinese debt is in their own currency which means their debt level is completely irrelevant. Their railways to nowhere serve to make a better standard for the population, not to turn a profit. Making unprofitable railways was a conscious decision, which Western capitalist propagandist will pretend they don't understand.

  12. Chinese debt is in their own currency which means their debt level is completely irrelevant. Their railways to nowhere serve to make a better standard for the population, not to turn a profit. Making unprofitable railways was a conscious decision, which Western capitalist propagandist will pretend they don't understand. Even the thumbnail picture is cheap propaganda by showing buildings which turned black out OF CO2 (decades of motor vehicles passing by). If the picture wasn't photos hoped in the first place which wouldn't surprise me at all given the level of shamelesness of Western propagandists.

  13. Besides the business corruption China has serious infrastructure problems many of the buildings and projects have serious problems and not to mention poor quality air, tainted foods water and milk. Just move there and see it's not what it seems so use another country for an example.

  14. Long ago Babylon was a great lender to its neighbours .When the neighbours has built up there infrastructure and military they invaded Babylon. No more debt to those who borrowed the money.
    Maybe its the same pattern.

  15. These kind of things can just as well happen in "red tape" countries. My country is wasting a lot of money building out roads that are not needed and a railline that will only amass debt perpetually, so even though there is red tape you can still massively fail with infrastructure projects.

  16. I need seven trillion dollars for a project a small space actual space ship only six seater.however shows that no one even has that money. So are we killing ourselves by not being able to do the things that can save us prepare for a future because of money that no one has anyway.i mean I really need 100 trillion to build a bigger one that holds at least 100 people. That's only 100 people for all of earths seven billion people. One ship. No one ev n has that money. The principles we have are flawed out of date.

  17. So for an economics channel you just straight up missed the actual economics of railways and high speed line, really gotta congratulate you on that one there.

    The rail lines have never meant to make a profit, the fact that some do is frankly just a nice benefit. Instead the goal of the high speed system which China has built is Freedom of Movement. This allows then for Freedom of Labour as employers can pull from a much greater range for their pool of available workers. Oh but let's also not ignore the fact that now these labourers who live in one city and are employed in another, can go shop in a third and do all of it in one day and be back in time for dinner.

    The real economy of rail doesn't come from the rail lines or the trains but from the movement of people and goods and the fact that those people and goods can easily get to where they want/need to go. The business that is available due to that movement, that couldn't exist otherwise.

    High Speed lines in particular have a really good effect in boosting capacity on the normal rail lines for passengers and for frieght. The high speed trains require a large gap in the timetable so they don't run up the back of any slow trains normally, get their own line, and so can run at speed closer together whilst allowing local regional trains to run closer together. All of this feed back into that "Freedom of Movement" argument because Frequency is Freedom!

    So basically sure the company making the lines may be in debt but is China itself in trouble because of this, no.

  18. I get your point about about cost blowouts and the slow pace of infrastructure building. But i'm tired of hearing from about 12 months before an election (about now in Victoria) that we're the government to deliver a High Speed Rail, only for it to be shelved.
    The show utopia is 100% correct for Australia!

  19. Slight correction:

    The "infrastructure" bill of $1Trillion isn't $1T for infrastructure- it's mostly welfare programs and gibs, THEN infrastructure (for a population it wasn't meant to sustain)

  20. When it's the Chinese doing something good, it's "ego". When it's the Western doing the same thing, it's the "advantages of democracy". The subtle hints and biased use of words are all detrimental to the creditworthiness of an otherwise well researched video.

  21. The problem is here in America "infrastructure spending bills" are generally a mask for tons of wasteful political pet projects. Also Hitler made the trains run on time….but look what else he did.

  22. China will not first consider making money when building bullet trains. China understands that where the high-speed rail is connected, the GDP will increase. China's plan is long-term.

  23. Look at that, leftists are making things run slowly meanwhile communists wi'll communists which are also leftist are doing so great. So great in fact that they're destroying enthey're destroying entire buildings with people still in them and harvesting Oregon's. Good job China

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