China Holds Joint Naval Drills with Russia, Iran in Indian Ocean

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China, Russia, and Iran are teaming up for joint naval drills in the Indian Ocean. China is trying to gain more influence over the Middle East. And these drills come as the US withdraws the only aircraft carrier in the Middle East, the USS Nimitz. But the US is continuing freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea at a time when US Taiwan relations are critical. What will the Biden China relationship look like? Find out more on this China Uncensored!

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  1. These mafias just want an excuse to fight amongst each other to explore their people and resources of the dominated territory… It is a shame most people can't realize that… well, see you all in gulag… or after the nuclear winter… or not

  2. China's need for oil is so obvious it's the reason I pay attention to the petrol stocks as a poor right-wing American in Portland Oregon???? as pro-America as I am I recommend preparing for some tech stock bangs pre 20th-24th

  3. Okay who else got reassured when I heard Japan's on our side because of how much they have a Warfare Advantage as far as technology and a lack of uighur Muslim abuse unlike a certain Wuhan tyrant most of us are aware of

  4. Between them they MIGHT have enough naval power to equal ONE of our Battle groups, although that's a stretch. Keeping it supplied for extended blue-water power projection while handling combat operations, that's a laugh. Then they need to match the other 14+. (Marine F-35 armed WASP assault ships are as big as WWII carriers). Good luck!

  5. China is playing right into our hands. Please China, continue associating with Democracy's current enemies. This is great news for me – they aren't even trying to infiltrate the West anymore 🙂

  6. This could have all been avoided by making peace with Russia. Had 30 years to do it. Didnt.
    Now with the commies/dems in power we are all sitting ducks.
    It's no coincidence that all of a sudden these powers have the nuts to do this.

  7. Until the U.S. uses high tariffs to eliminate its annual $500 billion trade deficit with China (you know, the trade deficit which enables China's military build up), we are not taking China's military seriously.