China is about to Attack

Xi Jinping’s new speech is alarming. While most of the world will see it as positive, I will tell you why it very much is not.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. And people complain the U.S is terrible and does a lot of bad in the world. You telling me you want this instead. A nation that actively hates the rest of the world and just wants to use it for its own ends. U.S isn’t perfect but it’s no 1984 police state.

  2. Best to refer to him as – General Secretary of the CCP.
    This is the proper title for the most powerful position in a Unitary Marxist-Leninist socialist system.

  3. You do realize that Tony Chimera Fauci helped developed this right here in America but are in partnership with Wuhan to present the work. Information is published so don't be blind to it.

  4. During all of these Temper Tantrums it reminds me of the Soviet Union in the 1960’s, however far more reckless. The difference back then was that the US didn’t have the vast technological superiority that we currently have over the Communists(China, Russia, Cuba & Iran) Today China is trying to test the ability of US secret weapons tech. The US has the ability to set off or control any of its Enemies Nuclear weapons at any time we desire. This reality was not even in the realm of their imaginations until last year. So for all intensive purposes China has pulled the trigger and is standing impotently trying to retreat backwards to no avail. Now the West is piecing together the traitorous groups and individuals from Longtime Allies and from Within (Think Ciceros 5th Column) that intentionally sabotaged the World with Bio weapons released in China in 2019 with the intent to paralyze the World economy and slow down the Frantic growth of the US economy that was supposed to be crippled from years of subversion and mismanagement but proved Enormously Stable & Strong under President Trump.

  5. You cant trick the people forever. Someday all the lies we tell will be realized. And the people who you lied to will turn on you, and no longer trust you. That is my hopeful belief. God save the human race.

  6. when chinese choose to be communist, beware of them. We learn it from our history. Malaysian Army and Police vs Communist party. But we all crazy about money and we doing business with communist today… shit.