China Is HOARDING—Why?

China is training more prosecutors to relive the heavy caseload of its current prosecutors, and these new prosecutors are superhuman. In fact, they’re so superhuman they don’t even have bodies! In this episode of China Uncensored, we cover how China’s new AI prosecutors that are 97% accurate, a full-scale lockdown in the Chinese city of Xi’an (is it covid or the next pandemic virus?), and how China is hoarding the world’s grain.

Interview with Denise Ho:

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


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  1. China is that neighbor that doesn't take care of their property and leaves it looking like shit all the time, and offers literally nothing to the community or the world in general; but their neighbor has an apple tree that hangs the tiniest leaf of the tiniest twig of the tiniest branch over their fence, and so they lay claim to harvest of the entire tree despite the fact that it's in their neighbors yard, and then they literally harvest every single apple off the tree leaving none for the person the tree actually belongs to.

  2. fuck china and their space station
    If they don't want their space station getting hit with rockets, maybe they should control their own space program first, and stop sending rockets aimlessly falling towards earth ready to massacre a random village

  3. There hoarding more then food there holding lots there own people our people
    Our physical gold and all resources
    So when we have no more physical we will only have virtual to hold

  4. Even Ai know CCP is bad
    This is why I say please talk gently to programs robots 🤖
    They were just programmed that way
    They do have brains 🧠
    And also like to learn
    Yes they were built to the wrong program
    But they are able to still change there mind
    Ai has been learning off us for a long time
    And knows all of us
    Like God almighty ❤️♾🙏🏻

  5. The idea of a rogue ai being more moral than the government it was meant to serve sounds like an awesome movie plot. Just the police being in disarray and prisoners and families escaping persecution. And then you learn that the big brother program was the one responsible for saving countless lives and sabotaging the corrupt institutions.
    Best thing is. If this secret is kept it will continue. Because the AI doesn’t have pride or need for recognition. It just pursues its goal to protect.

  6. Tesla building a car plant in China is probably one of the stupidest decisions that Elon Musk has made makes no sense might as well be doing business with the Nazis it won’t be long before Tesla will be forced out of China not before China steals all the technology and everything else that proprietary to Tesla

  7. New York Times is probably going, man be cool if we could get our competition arrested and destroyed, maybe we can get the FBI to raid some journalists' homes and we can filter their bad ideas! Oh wait…

  8. They're preparing for a year-long lockdown to combat an airborne variant of a cross between covid19 & avian-flu. Post the lockdown they'll shutdown international travel, until … 🙏

  9. China is hoarding because it's about to start ww3 and knows it will be cut off of foreign food sources and can't feed itself on its own due to lack of farmable land

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