China Is Running Out of US Dollars

China is facing an economic collapse because of a financial crisis caused by a shortage of US dollars. The coronavirus economy and the US China trade war, plus US sanctions on Hong Kong, risk cutting off Chinese banks from the US dollar, which could have a devastating effect on the Chinese economy. And China uses dollars for everything, from loans to investments as part of the China Belt and Road Initiative. But with an economic depression facing the global economy because of the coronavirus, the China economy might have a chance to recover and grow its supply of US currency.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Lollll do you guys secretly work for China? This is like Japan after Hiroshima and Nagasaki going:

    "America now has a nuke shortage problem"

    China running out of dollars means they are now actively dedollarizing. This channel is pretending like this is good for America

  2. Aww, the red 50 cent army is out in force today and some Benedict Arnolds. China also pays for loyalty through debt trade diplomacy. The cc.p is nearing its expiration date. they are getting desperate. China's empire is about to implode. IR will shake the global economy. Thats why Jackie Chan's 8 million dollar apt was seized in Beijing last week? And he was full of loyalty and piety for the cc.p even calling Hong Kong protesters traitors to their homeland last year. Maybe Donnie Yen who was just trashing people over Mulan movie among other things will be on the cc.p chopping block next! Cyprus is selling fake passports to china's billionaires. Maybe they are really only millionaires. And the whole insurance scam backed by 83 tonnes of fake gold that turned out to be gilded Copper and fake ghost cities sold to investors. Fake food scandals, fake vaccine problems. China is one big faker!
    "Always Accuse Your Enemies of Your Own Sins" — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda

  3. The foreign investors buying bonds don’t know about the bonds China sold to thousands of Americans almost a century ago, China never paid those bonds back to those investors. The amount of money China owes to those investors is more than the debt the US has to China. Giving money to China is like throwing your money out of the window of a car going one hundred.

  4. Stupid Investors! 20 years ago was the best time to invest in China’s economy. Read “Hot Commodities” by Jim Rogers. I may be wrong, but I believe we should run from China. They are becoming more militaristic over time. And we will eventually pay for it with a Third World War.

  5. Every time that I see a meme involving "Corona: Extra" beer and the coronavirus, I feel like it is an insult to "Corona: Extra" beer. I'm an Asian-American guy who actually enjoy the taste of "Corona: Extra" beer. I'll gladly drink any Corona beer, that I buy, over the Chinese coronavirus any day. Even the more tasteless "Corona: Familiar" beer would be better than the actual coronavirus.

  6. If US dollars are a problem for the Chinese, perhaps they could sell back a few of the United States assets. We can pay top dollar.