China Jails Coronavirus Journalist Because they Totally Have Nothing to Hide



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  1. We aren't far behind. If valid information is being pulled as "misinformation" on FB,, YT,, et all then how long before "misinforamtion" carries penalties? Thus the need for "official" news sources because if the news is unvetted by the "fact checkers" then of course you could open up a whole can of worms.

    China now? America in two years.

  2. The only way to undo the zombification (through Obama authorized, CIA weaponized propaganda programs) of the American citizenry, is by using the Socratic Method.
    Their critical thinking skills have been shut off, like a switch. The only way to turn it back on is by getting them to start thinking critically again, to turn the switch back on. Stop arguing facts and ask questions. Listen and respond with more questions. And be compassionate for they know not what they do.

  3. Before China ever started it's campaign against the Uyghurs muslims, they have been jailing Christians for decades for the mere act of owning a Bible or attempting to hold forbidden church services in a portapotty. They've been sent to prison camps, beaten by guards to the point of brain death (which the organs are then conveniently harvested by the state), tortured vietcong style with the pulling of the fingernails, ect. All heavily weighted by eyewitness testimony and official medical/court records and documented by such humanitarian watchdog groups such as Voice of the Martyrs and documented as recently as May 2019 by the New York Times and BBC as being "bear genocide levels".
    Yet you don't and haven't spoken a single word about them on their behalf. But because some quasi libertarian mouthpieces like the Cato Institute decries China's mistreatment of a member of the "religion of peace", you've got to chime in to virtue signal.
    It's really pathetic. Because at this point you're deliberately omitting the other groups and focusing on the Muslims that'll get you brownie points among the left leaning Libertarians.

  4. China lies about annual flu deaths and has a lower reported "flu death" rate than every Western country by a ridiculous margin while having some of the worst pollution and lung health in the world… but for some reason they're telling the truth about the coronavirus and they did such a good job of handling it, and we need to become more like China. This is your brain on leftism.

  5. YouTube is using their algorithms to heavily shadow ban the conservative political journalist sights to include Steve Turley, X22, OAN, Sky News, etc.

  6. Really dude?….. fuck if i had the button i would press it… what button?…. you know … that little shiny red one… no no its not "the button"… just a really pretty, shiny, unresistable,,,, you know.,.. That one dude.

  7. The PRC also has DOZENS more "Capital Crimes" than the US, so they don't even BOTHER to jail many of their "Criminals". They just shoot them in the back of the head & then CHARGE their surviving family for the expense of the execution. Tax Fraud Can & WILL get you a speedy trial & a rapid execution.

  8. Ever notice that ALL this bullshit started about this time last year right after Trump forced ?? into signing the phase one trade agreement and then grandstanded about it on stage in front of their officials in a press conference??? ???! This is war! ???! See you ALL in DC on 1/6/21!