China Just Destroyed Hong Kong

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Although the extradition bill was stopped, China just proposed a national security law that would arrest anyone that posed a threat to Chinese rule. This would effectively make Hong Kong a full fledged part of mainland China.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. How about we fix our problems in the US first. We can't even love our neighbors and are slowly turning into a dystopian society as well. But yeah, too bad, HongKong was my favorite Asian city for the longest time. The Seabreeze and this city on hills, where one the ocean is continually visible, was my dream city.

  2. People asking for the west for help. The west (American, Canada and Western Europe) has become a pit of cultural Marxism and post modernist decadence and is on a social decline, due to these vermin and their brainwashed hordes of self hating Useful idiots. Western left leaning parties have all become traitors to the best interest of their nations and people, selling them out for globalism. Just observe how the Democrat establishment in America attacks Trump for standing up to the CCP. These western Baizou are currently worshipping the destruction of the very things that made the west great. Sad to see Kong Hongers using western Symbolism and flags to defy the CCP, western leftist, burn their own flags, destroy their monuments, import foriegn hordes to destroy their identities and call for communism.

  3. HK wouldn't go back to CCP until 2047 but the CCP breach the agreement anyway ? Wow , that's just foul play . China went too far with this one , just robbing people's freedom .

  4. Youtube was caught automatically deleting the chinese characters 五毛 (wumao) since last October 2019 to please Communist China. This issue was trending yesterday on twitter. I think they lifted this censorship yesterday after all the pushback from the public.

  5. 看你的视频有点儿不过瘾啊,说是控诉大陆和香港警察暴力镇压抗议者,结果看来看去,远远没有美国警察武力镇压你们美国人来的痛快啊,哈哈