China Moves To Restrict Hong Kongs Press Freedom

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  1. Its a lot easier to track you down and silence you when you have to register. I would personally keep my information saved out of country.

    China is obviously still salty about that time they tried to get off the dope so Britain kicked their ass and chargrd then for the privilege.

  2. Ah nice, I was wondering when you'd cover us ahah~ Aye well, this move by the authorities is really fucking horrendous for us because a lot of independent media outlets and student journalists have literally been a lifeline for people on the ground as they film and record those who are about to be fucked over so there's proof and evidence when we need to save those who have been arrested. So yeah, this means the usual decline into a hellhole lol~

  3. 9:50 the frontline protesters already use this tactic to disguise themselves as protesters when police manage to get near them, not to mention that they also change into other clothing to pass themselves off as civilians. Let me tell you as a HK citizen that these rioters are better off of the streets. I have no problem with the peaceful protesters doing whatever, but I do have a problem with the people who intentionally show up to the protests to start shit.

  4. The real villain in this is not the ccp, but the HK police. China has been like this for ages, the hong kong police though, are clearly enabling this shit by enforcing it.

  5. Please bend that brim on your hat nothing worse then the flat brim look its worn by all douche bags here in America. On a side note love the Zelda hat besides that brim

  6. Why freemasonry seems to be do not exist in any media ? When we all know that the core of our country's and whole systems are based on that ..

  7. You claim to be "Terrible at this" because you go off on tangents and whatever.
    If I just wanted to know what was in the article, I'd read the article. I'm here for your perspective. I'm here specifically for the tangents.

  8. The journalists stuck there can't do anything about it. Governments might do little more than saber rattle about it. Major corporations will keep bowing to them. There is something we can do though. Make damn sure the CCCP know we think they are a joke. They cannot stand being shamed, so shame them viciously. The people of China deserve only our sympathy and support, but their government needs to know that it's leader looks like a deflated Winnie the Pooh. Their government needs to know that they are weak, failed men. Don't boo them when your leaders welcome the CCCP with open arms. That makes then feel strong. Point and laugh at them if you want a truly cartoonish reaction out of these pathetic losers that think they know something about civilization just because they stole a great and ancient civilization out of the ashes of WW2. The CCCP didn't make China. They just propped up what remained, and spent this whole time failing to fix it.

  9. I'm glad people are covering China news because what they're doing is slimy. Only seen a few China related channels cover this news but it's great Dancula wants to talk about this kind of stuff.

  10. Here in Taiwan, we've just had 47 incursions into our airspace by CCP fighter jets. But of course the MSM don't say anything about it – don't want to upset the CCP – all those critical supply chains & sweatshops – don't want to upset that nice little set up…

  11. Well good bye Epoch News Hong Kong the CCP hates your living gut but I love you and the truth about China and the United States. They tried to burn you out and that didn’t work so now they will just frog march you to the mainland for ten years to life for not having a license you need but the CCP won’t give you.

  12. Sounds a lot like what Trump wants to do in the USA, with all his rants about "fake news" and how the media needs to be regulated because it's "lying" about him. Especially with how he's spoken so highly of communist leaders and dictators.

  13. At least they’re out in the open. We have unaccounted corporations violating our 1st Amendment (including POTUS) here so the left doesn’t have to break a sweat.