China Prepares for War with US Over Taiwan

China prepares to counter US intervention in an invasion of Taiwan, with a pincer attack with Chinese jets on the island of Taiwan, as the Chinese Communist Party pushes US China relations to a desperate low. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.


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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Yes. China think it can beat US at Taiwan strait as it is near mainland. Also in Vietnam war, US lose the war to North Vietnam and was forced to cede south Vietnam. China think it is much powerful than Vietnam.

  2. As a American Patriot, I stand with Taiwan, respect from USA strong allies against the people's liberation army of China and the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China

  3. The F117 Wobbly Goblin was 20 years old when it bombed Baghdad , it's 50 years old now , what do you think we have now , ? Secret Squirrel Stuff , DD 214 Alumni here jet engine on B-52's , KC135A's and F-16's for ten years , we've also had hypersonic cruise missiles since the late 80's