China REFUSES US Phone Calls Amid Military Drills | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the escalation by China after Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan that saw Beijing embark on unprecedented military drills and rebuke diplomatic action by the US

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  1. I recall a similar story during Trump's presidency but the difference was the US military was closely advising the CCP on US strategy.
    In this case, Pelosi was simply leveraging GIRL POWER to put the CCP in their place. Besides, Paul Pelosi has a substantial capital investment in US semiconductor companies he made just before his wife voted to gift them billions, and Nancy needed to complete the investment due diligence during her fact-finding trip.

  2. No war hawk here… Just saying… So in a practical, real sense, are we the last to realize we're not the "Big kid on the block" anymore? We became the prize fighter who is overweight, tired, living off their name, and is the last to admit and realize they can't "bring it" like they once did?

  3. It's almost like no matter what happens or who's in charge, we are at the end of the road. We could have done better humanity!

    While our "leaders" bring us ever closer to Armageddon, LOVE one-another! Stop fighting with family and friends over things that don't matter!

  4. Since the 1940's Democrats have jeopardized or well being because of irrational and dangerous decisions on the World Stage. The first example of their poor decision making policies started when FDR ordered an oil blockade against Japan for its excursions in China. That embargo is what Japan used to attack Pearl Harbour as a retaliatory response for trying to strangle Japan of vital energy source. That was not the only incident which either got us into a war or very nearly do so. JFK with his mishandling of the Cuba by instigating an ill planned invasion and Bill Clinton using NATO to meddle in the Yugoslavian civil war, where we had no business in. George H. Bush copied the Dems by invading Iraq or a fictitious WMD cache. And finally, Barrack Obama meddling in Syria's civil war.

  5. Love you guys but you’ve been wrong about the economy and the impact of big spending. And you’re wrong about Taiwan and Ukraine. China and Russia planned this out a while ago. We’re reacting to their aggression. We are not the aggressors.

  6. The main problem with America is that selling weapons is one of its most important industries. They make huge amounts of money off of war and are invested in provocating countries. When there is war they make money. That's why there is almost unanimous support for provocations like this.

  7. I like the show, but your take on foreign policy is very weak, I'm not American but to hear Americans act scared of China or Russia and worried they don't "answer" their calls is cringe AF. You guys have by far the strongest army in the world. You want the benefits of an American lead globalization without the costs of defending true democracy. The take against Sweden and Finland joining NATO and particularly the uninformed and almost grotest takes from Sagaar on Europe show you guys really don't have either the knowledge or the capacity to analyse global events. You don't grasp the importance of defending sovereign nations under your watch as the self labeled best country in the world.

  8. China needs to be called cry babies and need to be told it right now. There is nothing but a larger and larger temper tantrum coming the longer it takes for adults to stand up to the child. Calling Nancy Pelosi a fool is fine but sounding like it's dangerous to piss off China only encourages them to become more hostile and it is not anything else other than that in which danger exist

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