China & Russia Organize A New World Financial Order, The West Screams In Impotent Rage

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. The thing is China/Russia is just as bad or even worse than the US. It's about choosing the option that is the least harmful for nations. It's just like our political situation in the US; we pick the less harmful candidates.

  2. Total sanction against China is so good for smuggling business of common goods instead of opium and cock in the North America and EU, 30 or 40 % inflation rate is in sight. China will be hurt for sure, but still 80% of world to look upon.

  3. Who really runs the US military and NATO? It's that old drunken rum sot Captain US Credit Card. But what about that civilian control of the military stipulated by American law. ??? Civilian control, of course takes the form of that little ole club called the private sector banker class MIC and a few critical bits of the government that's de facto owned by the private sector MIC – like , say, our congress and executive branches, for example. No matter that babble you always hear from the 4 star generals and assorted revolving door think tank zombies about the will of the American people.. The American People got nothin' to do with it.

  4. I’m starting to wonder about your Contant. You seem obsessed and your energy seems so intently defending stupid shit. Yes you are right about a lot of things! Yes America has lots of blame but dude like your Contant starting to get a little old… I have been following you for years but this whole Russia Thing is getting tired

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