China sends 71 warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan

A quick update on the China War Thesis released less than a week ago. China’s military sent 71 planes and seven ships toward Taiwan in a 24-hour display of force directed at the self-ruled island, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Monday, after China expressed anger at Taiwan-related provisions i n a U.S. annual defense spending bill.

China’s military harassment of Taiwan, which it claims is its own territory, has intensified in recent years, and the Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army has sent planes or ships toward the island on a near-daily basis.
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  1. If US, Japan or any other nations try to interfere in China's own internal affairs, rest assured they would be completely wiped out before reaching China's front door steps. Period.

  2. Well, real new here!!….. Can not believe that people can't see the logic here…. If, say….. Texas,. was to demand (assume), it's independence, and world powers promised to defend their right to that option….. ???? Anybody else see opportunities being used, if they occur….. 👃✌️🥰🇨🇦

  3. China will attack Taiwan when our stockpiles of weapons and fuel is low enough to not support 2 separate war fronts. MANY in Washington are compromised via the CCP, including the executive office. Putin knows we are in a proxy war right now. He has shown a massive amount of restraint in not launching a couple of EMP weapons at us and Europe.

    We are on borrowed time. Chris has brought incredible information to us. If you haven’t already done so, prepare now!! If you are already prepared, double check those preps and shore up any cracks now.

  4. PhD Martenson, you're Months too late – the SHTF with the Pelosi Visit.

    First of All. Taiwan Island is CHN Sovereign Territory. None of our Business. This is a prolonged Civil War btwn Beijing and the KMT and Offshoot DPP Dictatorships.

    That's right – Dictatorships. They NEVER were a Democracy.

    My Late Father was in the US Fleet that enabled the KMT to flee the Mainland and Conquer Taiwan during the Civil War.

    Your Brownstone Friend is writing for the Falun Gong Cult Controlled Epoch Times. Racist, Anti-Beijing, Anti-Mainlanders. They camp out in front of CHN Consulates and harass people seeking to do business with the Consulate+Visa Office. I experienced it myself when trying to meet the CHN Trade Rep in Los Angeles.

    The Falun Gong have bought into ZeroHedge as well, so ZH is compromised.

    Falun Gong were spreading False/Inaccurate Accusations regarding the early stages of CoVID19. Ron Unz & Website Commentators have done a much better job accumulating the Dialogue and Events.

    Moonies run the Washington Times newspapers. They may appear to be "sympathetic" to Center-Right leaning people and Libertarians; but they're a Sociopathic Cult. Just like the Epoch Times, who've been influence peddling for awhile.

    Back to CHN+Taiwan… I recommend that you review Berletic's New Atlas Vids(Berletic is a Marine Veteran who was once stationed in the Far East) here covering Pelosi and Tsai Ing-Wen.

    Ing-Wen is a US State Dept NED Schill. An US Holdout since WW2 after Taiwan was taken from Japan.

    I'm a 2nd Gen Navy Veteran of the US7thFlt, Half-Japanese who grew up around Fleet HQ, an Annapolis Grad, and Operated from the Pacific to the Gulf in Fleet units.

    The DPP are the last Pro-USA Holdouts and a Cog in the Wheel of the USA Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex. State/NED fund DPP, DPP buy USA Weapons, DPP+US_WeaponsMakers contribute to Pelosi+Congressionals' Campaigns. They reportedly had a 09% Approval Rating until they Scaremongered their way in Elections few years ago; but the Tide is turning and the DPP are on borrowed time. KMT have condemned the Pelosi Stunt, Taiwan Residents – whose Economy is dependent on the Mainland – are condemning them, and DPP just lost their "Majority" during the latest District Elections.

    That Pelosi Visit prompted CHN_PLA Exercises that surrounded the Island for several weeks. The Strait is only 110Miles across – that's Helicopter Range.

    I expect the KMT+Residents to Kick Out the DPP+Tsai Ing-Wen to the USA; and Reconcile with Beijing. DPP's footprints are too small to begin with. PLA can simply surround the Island and Take Out SAM Batteries and Confrontational Forces until the DPP surrender.

    Game's been over. Taiwan's ADIZ and Median Line are merely Political Lines of the Past – made obsolete by Nixon Acknowledging Beijing as the Sovereign Govt of ALL of CHN.

    Also, you're way off on the "Few Subs in the Strait of Malacca" deterrence. Some Dumb Computer Gamer fed you that Line.

    CHN now have a Ocean-Capable "Blue Water" Navy. Plenty of Nuclear and Diesel-Electric Submarines. Sub-Hunting Ships and Aircraft. CHN+IND have the Largest Navies that preside on each side of Malacca. They're both SCO Members; and Murica are in No Position Whatsoever to ever exercise controlling influences over IND+CHN in the Western Pacific through the Indian Ocean.

    Yours+Brownstone's DoomPr0n take on Taiwan were covered by others; and the PLA just showed everyone who owns the Strait and defends Taiwan – without harming Civilians.

    Recommend you review the Berletic's and CGTN's Vid covering the Pelosi Visit to get up to speed and stop eating the Falun Gong / DPP AgitProp Fantasies. The Residents don't want a War with Beijing – only the US_NED+DPP+Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex want the conflict to continue shoveling $$$ into their Troughs.

    Typed this through the phone, so I couldn't edit by viewing the whole msg; but you get the Drift.

    You're entitled to your own opinions; but this reeks of the typical Falun Gong/DPP Narratives. There are better perspectives available.

  5. There is something about the weather in Taiwan Strait that limit's China's attack capabilities until spring.
    I expect something about then.
    Could be just more posturing, but the Doc knows way more than I certainly do.

  6. The Chinese will probably want to attack Taiwan while the Ukraine war is still going. For this to happen the Russians will have to continue to grind away at the Ukrainian forces. The best time for a major attack by both the Russians and the Chinese is around Chistmas. So such an attack is probably around 12 months away at this stage.

  7. Chris, it’s really a problem that our government is really just a massive organized criminal government. It’s called organized crime and the US citizens where lacking power over this monstrosity.

  8. Always on top and ahead of the pack, and honest. Another person in comments said he’s been spot on for years, I can attest to that. 100, my man is talented 😎!

  9. Taiwanese ppl are pretty much used to the threats. If China decides to wage a war, it will try to barricade Taiwan first, sabotage TW’s infrastructure such as power grids and communication net work.
    There’s no need to stock immense fuel or crops to do that, so we are probably looking at a war at a bigger scale. But with surging covid cases happening now in China, it just doesnt make any sense….

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