China Threatens The US Empire, Not The US Itself

China poses no threat to the United States of America, the country. What China poses a threat to is the US empire and the hegemonic unipolarist ambitions thereof. That’s what various government agencies are talking about when they describe China as the number one “threat”.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Not bad (you have made a high bar for yourself). A little broad at the end (unless you are preaching to the choir).
    Perhaps if you had introduced money earlier, and called back to it at the end, it would have been more of a hammer blow.

  2. You really know all this stuff, like me. Probably more than me. It’s such a lonely place to be these days: the place where truth lies. Thank you, again. You guys are truly great.

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