China Threatens To DESTROY US Troops In Taiwan, Say Deployment An Act Of War, Starts LIVE Fire Drill

China Threatens To DESTROY US Troops In Taiwan, Say Deployment An Act Of War, Starts LIVE Fire Drill. The Threat was made based on an incorrect tweet by Senator Cornyn claiming the US had 30,000 troops in Taiwan.

The US in fact does have a small number of US troops but not anywhere near 30,000

Chinese media however said they did not view it as an error but as a provocation and any such deployment would be an act of war against China.

Cornyn’s tweet was quickly deleted but China also made more threats against Taiwan saying that the US and Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is proof the US can not defend Taiwan.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. They would only say that under President Biden because he can't he make a wise choice Controlling our own southern border let alone the pathetic Afghanistan withdrawal
    We still have the best military in the world just a bunch of idiots in the executive Branch fucking up the USA and destablization of world peace

  2. Let them try if our military goes rogue against the insane Biden and co, we can put China back in their place.
    Biden needs to go. I don't want to live under a world government nobody voted for that and that is what is going on.

  3. China is far weaker than it looks. China need to import food and all raw materials. US only need to manufatory chips but china need food and iron. Besides, china is stupidly poor and old. In 30 years US will be just a little old while China will be dead. China and Russia are demografic time bombs.

  4. So why aren’t our wealthy investing in making these chips? It seems like a very profitable venture. “It will take awhile to get caught up” Then get started! What is waiting around solving?

  5. China isnt wrong though honestly. America has fallen, America is a shell of what it once was, noone fears them, noone is worried about the intervention from America. America is too emotional and soft. It cannot stomach a war at all. Hell it cant stomach someone "mis pronouning" them.

    China is correct, America is weak.

  6. Hey! Maybe if we are lucky this can escalate to WWIII! 😀 Hope you guys have some bunkers built in the middle of podunk no where near a decent water and food source!

  7. If you believe we shouldn't be involved in Afghanistan then we shouldn't be giving them or any country foreign aide of any kind. That's involvement. Trying to help can lead to more disasters the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So if we give them aide, we also get involved in military expeditions there or we don't you cannot have it both ways Tim!

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