China Uses “I Can’t Breathe” – Episode #28

In all of this chaos, the Chinese government finds a way to capitalize on the BLM movement. Also, a very special and important Guanxi corner about a guy who has lost everything in China.

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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  1. Wait….. hold up… Xi's daughter was accepted into Harvard!? Wow! That's such bs…. First off, why isn't the president's daughter going to a Chinese school (to maybe show how good he's doing)? And second why is our government even allowing this….? It's not like Harvard needs the money or prestige?

  2. The guy who died actually asked the police to lie down because he couldnt breathe because of a drug reaction. He died of that. The number of blacks killed by the police is tiny in the US. This movement is communist rebellion abusing minorities through racism.

  3. Please call it by its real name. CCP Virus, because the virus is a political virus and not some living organisim. Despite the huge amount of money pured into the medical system a Corona virus has not be isolated according to the, "Koch's postulates" from what follows: 1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms. 2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture. 3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism. 4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent. There has never been any "living" organism been found thats comply with this postulate. AIDS HIV is non existend, it is a hoax through whitch the pharma transnational quasi staates have made several fortunes. They killed countles people with there poison they call medizin, thats proven!!! More people die from so called medicin then from any other single source world wide.

  4. I have to say you two are so on point. I lived in Asia for five years and experienced many of the things that you did in China. I plan to retire there it reminds me of what to expect. I had wanted to visit China but I'm not really sure that I want to now. I visited Hong Kong back in the 90s when it was a fun vibrant place. I am not sure that I want to go back there now. Keep up your great work and hopefully your wives will enjoy their time in the USA.

  5. China has five thousands years of history, and the structure of Chinese society is solely based on slavery that never stops. The citizens are slaves of the ruler people. The children are property/slaves in the family. If you have a benevolent parents, then you are lucky that your will have more freedom of your career and marriage. However, your life won't gain any sympathy if your parents wants to control your full life. That doesn't stop until your parents died and you become the head of the household. There is no such thing as you are an adult and you make your own decisions. Only your parents allow you to make that decision. And if they don't like it, you should be a good child by taking their advice. This is the main core of Chinese society and family structure. And it is very difficult for any Western to understand that mentality. So, selling kids for money only regarded as greedy person.

  6. You just reminded me of being at school over 40 years ago now how we used to go out at school dinner time and go to the fish shop and we would get a loaf of bread and scope the middle out and fill it with chips and plenty of salt and vinegar god what memory's I am from UK

  7. I have seen video footage of the protest of black life matters wherein even white people were joined the protest to have empathy for the life!!! All could protest freely speak in America !! But in China no one can speak against CCP and CCp creates serious racism against black people in China day in and out during pandemic!! Shame on CCP

  8. Barak Obama one of the Black lives was respected President of America can you imagine any minority non Haan Chinese can ever become president in China ??????

  9. is dude on the right lit on nose candy or add meds? or i guess maybe just a lot of coffee but hes sniffling a lot at the beginning and licking his gums and keeps reaching for his face and seems like half listening exactly how i get if im yacked out but trying to still seem good to go lol

  10. Choose love not hate

    Your biased criticisms is not live as you say but str8 up hate xenophobia hidden behind your white insecurity and compensating with yellow fever because u never fit in white culture…

  11. "Protests in America the best thing that could've happened for them right now… They're jumping on it."
    Considering all the protesters that aren't poor uneducated looters are educated pro-communist extremists, n many university professors particularly ones around places like Portland etc have been known to uphold Mao, Marx and more as demi-Godlike figures… n the CCP has been infiltrating the US for many decades including our uni's with things like the Confucius Org….. hmmmm….. Seems like it could almost be intentionally fabricated…

    Na I'm just a conspiracy theorist.

  12. well guys theres A GIANT IRONY to any chinese "outrage" over the death of george floyd because he died of a fentanyl overdose.his frozen respiratory system was directly related to fentanyl.
    so really china killed george floyd,not a police officer and at those officers trials with that evidence alone they will not be found guilty of murder.

  13. It's so sad to hear these horrible stories about these Chinese women killing and extorting money from their ex-husband or ex-boyfriends. So true China is so corrupted and people there are money hungry. I'm Chinese but raised in the U.S. all my life and I hate China whenever I went to visit relatives there and the reason for that is because the people there are so rude, foul mouth, and no respect. It's night and day compare to Japan. Sad to say, but everything you both mentioned about China is so true. Keep up the good work and stay awesome!

  14. Tbh mental health is a massive issue is all of Asia, as I discovered when I had mental health problems and needed support from my Mauritian wife of Indian Origin.

    Of course she supported me and I am monitoring my mental health without problem now, but it was obvious that she initially had problems coming to terms with my initial problem.

    When visiting India in the past and going in to a family friends house, I came across people with clear mental health issues more than once, with the person effectively being locked/hidden away from sight. At least one of those cases was almost certainly due to drug use. It is just so sad to see that a families shame can prevent helpful mental health care for victims. In this case, “face” is not just a Chinese thing.