Chinas $62 Trillion Housing Bubble Has Finally begun to Burst (But We Will Pay)

Chinas $62 Trillion Housing Bubble Has Finally begun to Burst.

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  1. It's not something that needs to be done about affordable housing… Something needs to not be done. Stop QE, bring interest rates up to the historical mean. That's all. House prices will become rational in a hurry.

  2. The China housing market is insane. Millions of housing units built in ghost cities, never intended to be inhabited. They have at least 15 cities which were built, to house 1 million plus people, and these cities are completely empty (search: China ghost cities).

    So their housing market was used by the CCP as a giant prop for their GDP. Big scams, big graft schemes, and fake prosperity. These same cities are now being demolished.

    Im guessing in 2022 we will see a credit lock, like we saw in 2008. Cash will become very scarce, and good, reliable borrowers nearly non-existent. The flow of money will come to a halt. The economy will stop. It will be a massive DEFLATIONARY depression, more like 1929.

    Those who have liquid cash on hand (not in bank/investment accounts) and liquid and tangible assets (gold, silver, guns, ammo, food, tools, supplies and WATER) will fair well or thrive.

  3. Why do they keep referring to China as the world's second largest economy? Is that a true statement? Is China's economy larger than UK, Japan, Germany, France and Canada? China cannot even support its own people for a alleged world's second largest economy. We are being mind-conditioned to accept a false situation. At best China has borrowed progress from the West. Look what happened when the West pulled out their factories from China.

  4. Talking about stocks, Forex and cryptocurrency trading is the most profitable venture I ever invested in, I reached my goal of $120k monthly trade earnings. Wondering if viewers here are familiar with Rosemary trading strategy..?

  5. According to my friends in China, banks are not giving loans to secondary ( resale) market home buyer. All/most of the buyers need to pay 100% cash, who has this type of money (houses in China is crazy expensive and could range from USD 500k to USD 10m house )? Loans are only available to developer sale (new house). So without the flow of cash in the market where secondary market is huge, the purchasing volume is very weak. Some 2nd tier cities prices are going down as much as 40% from their peak. Chinese has been able to access to easy loan/ money and has been over leveraging. Now the music has stopped, and no more chairs around. You'll see Chinese is in huge crisis but of course, this news can't be broadcast to the media.

  6. They convert Evergrande to a State Owned Enterprises possibly folding others into it. Will it help? Unlikely, SOEs don’t have a good track record and bounds due on railroads, highways and other SOEs all in USD most owed to EU and many ECB! I think CCP is going to fall, but I think their is opportunity to pick up pieces and make money.

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