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Much like Russia’s attempts to interfere in the 2016 US election, China is trying to sow discord in the US by stoking the flames of US culture wars. The question is, is China’s campaign to divide America working? Also in this episode, chocolates are deemed a national security threat, and not because they could lead to more obesity or cavities. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is trying to discourage people from advocating for human rights, saying they’re a “western bourgeois” value. Watch this episode of China Uncovered for that and more of this week’s China news headlines.

China’s Communist Cancel Culture Targets Celebrities

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


  1. China under the Communist Party looks a lot like a Republican-held American state, in that safety of workers is considered unimportant, and if someone gets hurt in unsafe work environments, the political leaders don't want those workers to have government support. Both the CCP and GOP consider it better for injured workers to starve to death.

  2. meanwhile, Biden is doing his own cultural revolution by removing military academy officials appointed by Trump. but this is not America Uncovered so i won't go in more details. but i will say it's more woke trash.

  3. Biden called Xi (News: Sept 10). Xi knew Biden mainly wanted to talk about climate change. The CCP does not care about climate change, but uses it as a leverage. Not sure what will the US give the CCP in exchange. Biden should watch China Uncensored's youtube video "Don’t Fall for China’s Climate Change Trap".

  4. Americans,especially the younger generation,trust the internet too much,they base their life and everything on the internet,so the communist party took advantage of that,so just try to go like “hey maybe this might not be true!ima do some fact checks before being a idiot and call people names!” so yeah,just tryna figure things out before you vote for a seventy year old man and put em in charge for a bunch of nukes.
    also Chris,Hong Kong's condition is not stupid,it's a dumpster fire,and I'm getting 3rd degree burn from the dumpster fire,because I'm LITERALLY LIVING IN HONG KONG. tbh it's really f**king ridiculous,life is pain here y'all.

  5. China is putting effort into dividing America? That's the most hilarious thing I heard all week! Everyone knows the USA is doing a perfect job on its own, nothing anyone can or needs to do on top of that.

  6. Ccp get mad when simu tells the truth. My mom grew up in China during the mao era and she tells me tons of stories how she starve and others too until she was able to go to Hong Kong. I guess the truth hurts.

  7. China advocating morality is like the devil advocating virtue. China is the single most amoral country there is. There is nothing it won't do, nothing — not rape, not murder, not theft, no torture, not oppression, not lying — there is nothing China won't do, an immoral country.

  8. Nothing new about this. During the Soviet Union, it was the communist playbook that one of the US's fundamental vulnerabilities was racial divides, and that that should be used as a lever to break apart the US. Back then it was seen as laughably unlikely, but it turned out to work really well I suppose.

  9. China: Asian Americans are a minority and are being discriminated against.
    Asian Americans:
    make up almost 40% of the US population, and happen to be more successful than any other race in America.
    Also Asian American Kids:
    :God, we're being oppressed. Stop oppressing us."

  10. America has been divided since its creation' its vanity, arrogance, its occupancy here in Hawai'i has stayed way long for its vacation disrespecting the Islands the people, the kanaka's enslaved, the sold out, the sell outs, our oceans polluted around the Island because of them and their business here, and they are very racist against Kanakas first, and Hawaiians 14th amendment citizens, hey but no worry Hawai'i was set up for China, nothing no government in the World on the Globe can do but pay for being U.S. Citizens its occupancy, 'rent' and 'lease', its debt to China, before the commercial was America works for us' China, now its commercial America their arms hands legs feet body belongs to us, since cestui que vie 1666 of Benefice the 8th, and china have bought the U.S. bonds, gold 'strangely' gone to China since 1933, creating HJR192 fiat currency promise to pay paper, telling you America is in debt, people are chattel property, which your clueless and incompetent on what that whole creation and copyright calendar is all about, your assuming the day' and arrival of the Dragon China, and its Prophecy and plans, to hold all those accountable for the debt, created by desires, arrogance, vanity, my brother a banker said in 2006 America is finished you cant help them brother. America the Harlot, the Babylon, and Baboons that keep bableling baboons. Get scared China uncensored like I told a Chinese lady trying to sell my wife a Chinese BMW, don't think we forgot about you who fled china to come here on what you think is America, its china here Hawai'i because my family from china was sent here to take over and protect the Ali'is Kamehameha's from the American businessmen, the American business men stole Hawai'i from china in the 1800's by voting Kalakaua to be King, to bring Japanese business tried to create a political bond with Princess Kaiolani, but did work out, because the Japanese were prejudice and decided to do business instead to where some are so arrogant in 2021 anyways China owns your bonds now Chris Chapple, and let me be the first to enlighten you China uncensored and big great changes coming soon, more mandates more shut the Fck upnwith your mask on animal, cracks me up laughing 1666 cestui que vie.