China’s “Combat Training” Against Taiwan

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China has begun combat training over Taiwan as the Biden Administration sends an unofficial delegation to strengthen US Taiwan ties. And in other China news, US China relations are put to the test as John Kerry travels to China to discuss climate change. That and more on this week’s China Uncensored China news headlines.

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  1. China talks about " playing with fire" while doing live fire exersizes outside Taiwan and regularly invades its airspace, during USA officials visting. Yep, makes sense.?

  2. I think this thread would hate me if I told them I am purchasing from alibaba for my business and I would hate for this war to happen ha

  3. Defending Taiwan is defending American themselves, because the water around current china is not deep enough to hide Chinese nuclear submarine, but water around Taiwan has deeper water,vthat is why china want to take over Taiwan to hide their nuclear submarine to attack America easily.

  4. The world let Hitler did the same to Austria back then because of a stupid policy called "appeasement". Too bad CCP doesn't have that same option nowadays. heh.

  5. If Taiwan falls, next will be the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and whatever comes next. Only God knows how far the CCP will go. Those luxuries you know as your freedoms will become as scarce as a unicorn.

  6. Government should stop investment in the ccp-take back anything they have bought in other counties, pull all company out of china,and lets see how they can keep attacking people/countries with no money and their people out of jobs- game over ccp(but they wouldn't because money is all they think about-just like the ccp)

  7. Americans become gay after joining US army. China is doing right thing for their young generation to make them more stronger and not to be a gay 🙂