China’s complete control of the supply chain of solar and wind.

Alex Epstein
“Russia’s involvement in oil and gas, particularly vis a vis the US, is nothing compared to China’s complete control of the supply chain of solar and wind. In particular, not just the mining of minerals, but the processing of key elements.”

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  1. What he failed to mention is that they don't care if we don't have energy, they literally don't want us around ergo, food shortages, high inflation, covid bio-weapon deployment, covid jab bio-weapon deployment, and lockdowns to destroy the economy and bankrupt everyone.. You will own nothing and you will be dead.

  2. China is just another subsidiary of the banking cartel just like all other countries with central banks. U.N. declares war on dangerous "conspiracy" theories and warns that George Soros, Rothschilds Banking and the State of Israel must not be linked" and to be protected. UNESCO, Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress all in support for U.N warning. More funding for U.N?

  3. Western governments have a lot to answer for. High time people woke the F up and made them pay for their gross negligence in the pursuit of greed.

  4. Its a bit naive to say China controls it all. The resources are often in other countries open to the highest bidder.

    Manufacturing is not just China, whilst the are a majority part of the supply chain, they don't control it whole.

    They also have no market if they pull it, which in their current GDP position would be not done. If they have shut down banks already where people can't get money out….they can't remove world supplies at all. It's too lucrative.

    If they do go, US and Euro Manufacturing can tool up their existing production facilities to compensate demand.

    Hydrogen supplementary systems like the plant in Gladstone also will reduce that renewable demand regarding panels with the capacity to power battery storage projects on a supply demand take up where solar generation does not meet demand.

    Its happening now, am part of these gas and hydrogen generation projects. It will remove much of the solar gap in the grid currently meaning less requirements for solar to be built.

    So not end of the world if they pull up stumps….the war for that will then be in Africa…..which tbh is not a bad thing removing the illegal cobalt and other rare earth mining black and grey market issues over there.

  5. I had a friend who was an electricity linesman and he used to say this all the time. If the energy is attacked and gets taken out by one flick of a switch we are goners.
    It rings in my head now as this all plays out.
    Govt never ensured the safety of the people. They just pimped out our country and worked us to the bone! 💸💸💸💸

  6. Australia could be capitalizing on this current green boom, but our leaders are that stupid, they say they are going green, but I don't think they have any idea what resources are required or how much Australia has. They will sign it away.

  7. So…. Are we using renewables to make renewables? Or will there be a flurry of fossil fuel usage to create wind farms, batteries?
    Also China appears to be the major fossil fuel user in the world. Do we buy the components for renewable energy from China and contribute to global warming?

    Somebody’s not thinking!

  8. When are people going to realize that Co2 has no impact at all on the world's climate. It's a heavy gas and needs to be heated considerably before it'll even rise. I mean, anyone who know's about fire extinguishers would know that a lot of the ones you see around buildings contain Co2 and that when you use it to put out a fire, you start from the top of the flames and push them down with it to starve out the oxygen.

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