China’s Economic Crisis, GDP is Crashing, Protests Everywhere. China’s financial crisis is Here…

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China’s Economic Crisis, GDP is Crashing, Protests Everywhere. China’s financial crisis is Here…

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  1. Please Please Hit the Like button above on this video. It signals to youtube algorithm that videos is appropriate and it should be pushed to more people. Recently youtube has been restrciting and demonetizing my china videos because they don't want me to show the protests in china. So your like means a lot in term of helping overcome youtube's restrictions.

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  2. Come on, my friend. These people's money did not went into our central banking system. All the money was removed by the merchant. They were all cheated by the high interest rates. This is a typical official business collusion fraud case. I can tell you helplessly, this kind of thing in some years ago, our China happened many times… But we worked it out better. In terms of economic stability, that says nothing, believe me.

    The problems of the Chinese government are no less than those of other governments. They are human beings and human beings are selfish and have desires. The trust we now have in government comes from its attitude and ability to deal with problems. Let me tell you one thing. Some time ago, a house in my city collapsed and more than ten people died because the owner of the house illegally built it, which caused it to exceed the height limit excessively. Then the central government, after quickly completing the rescue, dismissed many of the officials in charge and tracked them down for responsibility. Most importantly, all parts of the country, especially in rural and remote areas, are being strictly checked for illegal construction and quality problems. At the same time, the government provides a certain amount of money free of charge to help people with poor housing quality build new houses.

    That is what is also happening in China. We can't avoid all the problems, but what we care about most is how the government deals with them.

  3. Great videos. All I can say is Wow. Imagine having your life savings in a home that won't be built and the rest in a bank that lost your deposits. Their economy is in big trouble IMO

  4. Save these ppl. They still think it’s a local issue and haven’t realized they higher ups at the CCP would fix the issue if it benefitted them. They want the scam to go away. Goodluck getting your money back

  5. Another comment for the algorithm. Also remember that a government like the CCP does not represent the Chinese people . Those who say it’s on them to change , you don’t know a damn thing about what it’s like to live there and grow up . It’s a lot easier to fool someone than to convince someone they were fooled. Nobody is immune to propaganda , I can assure you that both you and myself have fallen for some kind of propaganda at one point or another .. hell might even still be blind to some ! The Chinese citizens are still our brothers and sisters as human beings , I stand with those protesting their government and hope more join the fight

  6. There are only 3 landing zones for amphibious assault on the island of Taiwan, China would suffer major infantry losses even if they attempt to soften those landing zones. Would make D-Day look like a warm-up. Hopefully they aren't that stupid. Taiwan has missile defense supplied by the west and there is always a naval strike group nearby. Additionally, the US alone has over 50k marines between SK and Japan. Then you add in Australia and China would get whomped.

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