China’s economic crisis is getting WORSE (biggest housing crash in history)

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China’s economic crisis is getting worse, and it’s got everything to do with housing. And if you saw our story from two weeks ago about China’s economic crisis, well this was only half of the story.

Right now in China, it seems like things couldn’t get much worse for its economy. But that’s when you realise there may be an estimated 50 million empty homes throughout the country, as a result of property developers biting off more than they could handle, as well as getting greedy. The result is that thousands of people are now refusing to pay mortgages, and many Chinese banks are on the verge of collapse. China is also filled with ghost cities, comprising millions of empty apartments.

This is one of the biggest economic news stories on the planet right now, however it’s not getting the kind of coverage it should in the media. And quite possibly, that’s because the CCP is possibly trying to suppress this real estate story from getting out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this below.

0:00 – China’s real estate bubble
1:10 – Why real estate is so important in China
2:13 – How China’s bubble started to grow
4:26 – The big Chinese real estate scam
6:54 – How this could affect the West
7:50 – It’s a big lesson in debt

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  1. I think that a person like Elon Mask should buy countries like China and redevelop the country into a new one with everything up to date whilst slowly making his trillions bigger than what they are allowing him to become a world saver with his fantastic ideas in every country

  2. Its quite common in many countries for buyers to make a monthly payment towards a property purchase off the plan. Makes it much easier for the developer to help fund the construction, plus locks the buyer in as they have more to lose if they don't settle at the end. Problem starts, obviously when the confidence goes out of the market and they see developers start to struggle to complete projects, Then the house of cards starts to collapse, and then spreads across the sector. China certainly knows how to do things on a massive scale and their property schemes (scams?) have been rolled out on steroids. It was always going to eventually implode, and was just a matter of how long they could keep kicking the can down the road

  3. Nothing will happen. It will be bailed out by some scheme the CCP thinks up the same as the US government bailed out the USA during the 2008 crisis. Its all a just another clickbait title for the Tear up China campaign. Yawn.So obvious.

  4. In the Netherlands we have a shortage of homes, that in combination with ongoing immigration this is turning in a disaster. Looking at China I see thousands of empty homes. I suggest immigrants to head for China instead. They can help completing the homes in return for a home.

  5. Like the BBC knows the truth.
    You have the CCP harvesting dissidents, and literally committing Genocide of which the BBC has known for decades, but barely a whisper, didn’t go with the China will turn democratic narrative they were selling us….

    The whole of the Chinese economy has been the western elites dirty secret, they knew it was a massive Ponzi scheme, it’s illegal in the west but they could play in China….

  6. China is just going through growing pains. I would still bet on China's economy over the US. CHINA'S ECONOMY IS STILL EXPANDING, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE IN THE US? Every country has its ebbs and flows. Recession is going to happen regardless of where you are but I believe China will weather it better than US and Europe.

  7. They want the ordinary person in debt its a form of control. At the end of the day these people at the top of the lending chain never lose out. They dont lose their homes or their wealth its the ordinary people that do.

  8. Look into chinas bullet train debt
    Thats 10 times bigger than the real estate debt
    When China goes broke so does the west
    Then China will go back to a gold backed yuan to recover as the west collapses
    Why you think chinas the biggest gold buyer
    Its all part of the great global reset
    Farewell global democracy
    hello to global communism

  9. Hello , I am not sure if you know this or not but you can't actually own a property in China. So saying buy is wrong. It's leasing. No one has brought any house. It's more like they are leasing the house. And when you understand this or say it. The entire narrative becomes false and that is why you are getting dislike because people probably things you just spread propoganda or lie. Maybe you don't. but I feel you should rephrase your words and this also questions if the evidence you are using is actually real. As I feel the translations are also wrong. It's very sad to see videos like this. China has real problems..every capitalist country does. But if we lie or just mislead,people in power abuses it. And real issues become void as they can say all is ok people are just liers and abuse it as much as they can.

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