China’s Economy is in Bad Shape

In this episode we take a look at the many problems facing China’s economy. How did the country end up in this position and what does it mean for the rest of the world?

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Hi, my name is Dagogo Altraide and I create and narrate all the videos on here.This channel aims to let you experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel at home and have fun. Learn the captivating stories about how our world came to be and also learn what's happening in the cutting edge today.


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  1. 16:40 Umm, I think it has more to do with a high vaccine rates and the high vaccine effectiveness than 'herd immunity'. The Sinovac is pretty notoriously unreliable compared to western options, and China won't allow the use of foreign covid vaccines, so it doesn't matter how high their vaccination rates get, they're still going to have terrible immunity rates compared to nations which use Pfizer, Astrazenica etc.

  2. Care to explain how multiple large property developers in China can default on foreign debt all around the same time to the tune of billions of dollars and yet no transparent ramifications for these foreign debt defaults. No banks have declared insolvency because it's all fraud

  3. I went to China before the pandemic because I wanted to go after I saw vids of the replica cities they have such as a faux-London and faux-Paris and it was so surreal. During our trip met a nice couple from Iran who immediately became friends with on our travels. They were more forward than us and said this seemed unsustainable for China doing stuff like making cities where no one lives in them.

  4. The rest of the world is moving on due to herd immunity to COVID-19 eh? There is no herd immunity without > 90% worldwide vaccination, which we don’t have and will never have. Herd immunity doesn’t exist against a virus which mutates as quickly as COVID-19. I have to discount everything in this video as a lie.

  5. Communism is a barbaric, genocidal ideology that produces only authoritarian regimes that establish unnecessary and unjustified misery.
    Once again must finally collapse in the country of China.
    We all hope China becomes free of its communist chains and embraces democracy and freedom, as it deserves.

  6. It's like all YouTubers caught a plague and all have to cover one specific topic lol, so mindbogglingly boring! This channel has been a copy/pasta media stealing from other content creators for quite a while now, to make a video of this extremely stale old chewed up topic is the lowest of lows. Eww & unsubscribed.

  7. I can't believe they admitted to a probable 5 year zero covid policy. I figured they would just quietly make it permanent forever. Btw, Its named such because covid has zero to do with why they are implementing it. They've got everyone under lock and key. They turn you red and you can't travel, can't buy food, can't go to work. You gotta play a long to get along or your whole apartment complex might get the doors welded shut.

  8. China never intended to become democratic nor capitalist. They just wanted capitalists in to build the country so they can transition successfully to Socialist. And that what they're doing.

  9. The uber-wealthy are starting to realize what they have done to themselves. I see it happening all over the US and I have no pity for the greedy fools that did this to themselves.

  10. “If you try to control Heaven Below, it will defeat you”…

    Tao Te Ching

    “You must never THINK of conquering others by force. Whatever strains with force will soon decay. It is not attuned to the Tao. Not being attuned to the Tao, its end comes all too soon”…

    Tao Te Ching

    These quotes apply not only to China, but the US and Russia, all three being empires. Empire is a terminal disease that a peole group succumbs to . The Tao Te Ching was written during 250 years of constant war, called The Warring States Period. It was when the warlord states in the area that would come to be called China struggled with each other to consolidate control over the region. The warlord state that finally took all the marbles were the Qin, thus establishing for the first time the empire of China. This empire only lasted 15 years. It was taken over by the Han Dynasty, which lasted for 400 years and was a high point in Chinese culture. The difference between the Qin and the Han was the Qin layered law upon law, and became so oppressive that the Chinese concept of “The Mandate of Heaven” kicked in, thus causing the fall of the Qin. The Han removed almost all of these laws, and as the philosopher Alan Watts said, became nearly an anarchy. For this reason the Han continued such a long time and were prosperous…

    I view the writing of the Tao Te Ching in the light of quantum mechanics. When an empire falls, it is for quantum mechanical reasons. There are currently 3 empires that are in the midst of a collapse. This view of Eastern Mysticism and Quantum Physics pointing to each other was observed by many of the early quantum pioneers. If quantum physics is seen only as something to be weaponized, it will bring an end to humanity. On the other hand, if it is seen as a way to interpret the ebb and flow of human culture, it may bring about our successfully remaining on this planet…

  11. 16:18 It's interesting how different the approach was to this. China lies and claims blatantly false low numbers, and America stacked the numbers well beyond real numbers by throwing in literally any death of someone with Covid regardless of whether that was the actual cause of death.

  12. This documentary is good, but it only discusses the visible problems in China. Just symptoms. What's going on "under the hood" is that China is controlled by a one-party communist government that is utterly evil to its core & which has no respect for life or love, and this is not an exaggeration. Communism is their religion, and one which is not voluntary, but forced upon the entire population by elite Orwellian communist fanatics.

  13. OZ! Instead of 60% trade with China, start trading more with the west, and South America. Just send those container ships over west, instead of north. 

    Come on, I like Aussie wine, but I can only drink so much on my own. burp

  14. This video is hopelessly out of date. China’s ghost cities are filling up. Almost a hundred Chinese cities across China are implementing housing reform. The Xi administration is moving towards the Singaporean model of government support for home ownership. The Belt and Road Initiative is a peaceful economic counterweight to America’s warmongering global hegemony. Where America builds military bases, China builds public infrastructure. In the future the two empires may clash, but for now China is more peaceful and benevolent than America.

  15. I totally agree with the last bit in the video. I would like to even extend 'more' generosity to those populations who did not actually choose their leaders, for example Iranians, Russians, Saudis, Chinese, and North Koreans.

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