China’s Food Shortage is Worse Than You Think

Xi Jinping started the Empty Plate Campaign to combat food waste and food shortages due to flooding and other issues. China imports a good chunk of its food, and the trade war has had a massive impact on it as well.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Yet China punishes Australia by refusing our meat, barley, wine, etc., to punish our government for daring to ask for an inquiry into the Wuhan Whatsit.

  2. Its funny, I experienced this in London a few years ago. We were having dinner in a Chinese restaurant and there was quite a lot of food left over. I asked for a takeaway box because we didn't want to waste the food and some mainland chinese people next to us started insulting us in Mandarin, probably assuming we couldn't understand them.

  3. I went to Sam's club to buy some more rice and dry beans so I can long term store them, none!
    Is China buying up rice and beans causing a shortage here? I found some rice on Amazon but they jacked the price way up, cost to much!
    Is the US government buying up food for the coming civil war? I can't find any ammo or reloading supplies, what's going on, is the end of the world here like Mad Max!

  4. "Face" is way too big a deal in PRoC. That is the reason behind a whole lot of the international relations problems, that and an unbridled greed for power and world domination on the part of the CCP.

  5. In China, it is rude to clean your plate. I found this out a bit late and realized I was insulting my hosts by eating what was on my plate and refusing further servings (because I was stuffed!). It's long-standing tradition — don't think the CCP will be able to change it with some slogans.

  6. Here in Brazil food price has skyrocked because of chinese crazy import boost. Poor people are struggling to buy basic stuffs like rice and meat.

  7. Record floods droughts snowstorms in summer and typhoons not to mention the corruption. Empty granaries being burned down etc. China will have a serious famine. The govt won't admit it even while it's happening they've starved their people before intentionally. What's the difference if it happens because of corruption, ineptitude or otherwise?

  8. So they try to put this front on all while living under a dictatorship that puts some of it’s citizens in concentration camps. I always say I feel sorry for the citizens of China and it’s not their fault but these things make me think I am wrong.

  9. I am Chinese, and I don’t feel that there is a shortage of food. Saving food is our Chinese culture. You guys don’t understand and have a problem with your brain.

  10. Why are you so happy that there is food shortage in China. Do you deep in your heart with that China will collapse tomorrow? It will never happen by grace of God.
    I tell you what. It is non of your business about situation in China. Please go and get worried about situation in your country.

  11. Ok Boomer. Dude, your hair looks stupid like that. SerpentZa is more cool. None the less, your videos lately have been better than his. I'm still going to keep calling you Boomer though until you change your hair.

  12. Thanks I did not understand the cultural meaning behind the food eating in China! That makes sense, I grew up also with the meals being a sit down round the table, pray and eat all the food up and don't be in a hurry big family scenario!
    I fear for the people of China as the shortage is going to be a famine probably this winter I reckon.