China’s Great Belt and Road Economic Initiative

Last month, we told you about the highs and lows of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Today, we’re zooming out to profile the entire Chinese global infrastructure development plan known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Written by Megaprojects


  1. Dost, ObOr is never- completed project, it has now become too hard for China to sustain all facilities they promised to give to member countries, merely more than 20 countries are willing to carry out this ambitious project, due to harsh criticism of the India & later on the USA is following likewise mood upon Chinese, as you said this project will uplift poor countries, is not spot – on, nevertheless it's only for geopolitical interests & impose absolutism values through soft tune, Maldives so far is now rescued by the India, Sri Lanka one way or another is going to pull out its step of ObOr, so as have many countries done already – Outlawing Chinese firms has become another challenge to ccp, overall China is going to be doomed & wait and see

  2. Aren't you going to talk about how only Chinese people are the ones doing these projects (don't allow the residents) and opening up businesses in these areas, (and also) not allowing the residents of the countries to work and pushing them out. Maybe talk a little bit about that?

  3. sorry but the whole debt trap thing is really hypocritical. i mean, using that as a flash point to criticise China. it's hypocritical because the west has been doing literally the same thing for decades since WW2, keeping the developing world in a state of poverty. …yet western media is quiet about this and only wants to talk about evil China.

  4. The Protestant nation of America shoud've done Marshal Plan for the world post WW2, & not just white Europe. It would've extended the moral right of US for few more decades if not centuries. USA had surplus military tools manufacturing capacity so it exported hardware & even wars. Sad but true.

  5. China builds 350 billion dollars worth of global infrastructure. USA spends a trillion dollars on war machines. China is becoming the new world player by becoming the new world bank.

  6. Best way to wreck the CCP would be for all their Debtors to say No we're not going to pay you, Get out of our Countries. Within 12 Months China wouldn't have enough Fuel to move its Military nevermind run a Civilian Economy.

  7. F Chyna. They spread the china virus to the rest of the world on purpose so they wouldn't have to deal with it alone and take the economic impact from it alone. I hope everything that communist hell hole does goes wrong!