China’s Massive Power Cuts – Power For Only ONE DAY per week

#China #PowerCuts #HeiseSays
China is enforcing massive power cuts across their industries with some businesses only allowed to operate for one day per week. This is significant.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. We should be very careful of news from China – a lot of it may be disinformation. For example, I do not believe that the PRC regime has any intention of "decarbonising" the Chinese economy. This is the sort of thing they tell Westerners – in order to encourage the Westerners into self-harm. Still if COULD be true – in which case the rulers of the PRC have gone insane (unlikely – but possible).

  2. Who the hell gives a crap about china and their power cuts, talk about the Vaccine mandates and the destruction of freedoms in Australia you mong..

  3. Its not only coal stoppage, but hydro too, I believe. The Three Gorges Dam has supplied a large amount of hydro power to the region around it in south China, and its generators are full of silt and muck from the flooding. They could be irreparable? There would be a lot of other hydro dams with the same problem, but the CCP does not seem to be providing much if any information about this.

  4. I wonder what would be your forecast if (more like when) Evergrande falls during the power crunch. What would be the effect on the global economy under this double header? To trigger the conspiracy theorists. Could China be doing this on purpose to de-couple without announcement and wreak the western economy?

  5. Part of UK power issue is related to co2 gas issues (Nuclear power) and the loss of one of the power interconnect from France. Also I see one of the petrol refiners in the UK is asking the government to forgive loan debts or go into bankruptcy with suggestions of money taken for parent company.

  6. Invite the big steel producers from around the world, say the top 30 firms (your arcelor mittals, your posco's, your nippon steels) to build some steel, glass and aluminium smelters mills in australia. Maybe somewhere in the centre of australia. You could have a steel city of 300 000 people. Start them off on coal fired met coal setups, but design the plants to be 100 % powered by nuclear once the south australian nuclear energy comes online. award them 300 million AUD, and let them get to work.

  7. This could be a catalyst for hyperinflation. Prices will rise so people will panic buy causing prices to rise. Government will raise interest rates to curb inflation and cause a crash

  8. All about the plan, it's part of the reset, the scumbag Elite are going to run all economy into to ground. Massive shortages of food supply, electronics ext.Their one World Order. To be sure, Potatoes !

  9. This sounds a lot like restrictions on how many hours kids can play online. There seems to be a deliberate intention by the CCP congress to wind back the cultural and economic clock in order to make population and big businesses fall back in line with the old communist agenda.

  10. Love the shirt. Why do you think coal and energy prices are spiking? Is it supply shortage from labour being at home? Or demand shock to a market used to pre-pandemic levels of energy requirements?

    I do think 2022 will be at least as interesting as 2021, and perhaps this entire decade

  11. Late stage capitalism!

    Crash the system with shut downs, drop everyone into feudalism.

    Then offer the solution, socialist utopia!

    It’s all part of The Great Reset👍

    George Gammon just did a great video on this.

  12. This is a message from the CCP to the rest of the world. The CCP is saying to the West, should you retaliate against the CCP for any reason, there will be ramifications to supply chains and this is what it will look like. We don't mind sacrificing to make you suffer.

  13. let me tell you a secret, we are doing the same rationing in Australia, have been told by my employer to shut down power hungry machinery to save the power grid, its just a matter of time before we end up like china!

  14. Concern in the UK is growing regarding the ever increasing gas costs to maintain heating over the coming winter. Is there any good news in the world right now?

  15. So I got this straight. A nation that claims "Developing Nation" Status when talk of carbon reduction is brought up by world leaders, so seeking exemption from quotas so they can produce and pollute to the CCP hearts content….. Now the same CCP just woke up and decided it needed to walk away from the nasty Coal? I call BS, where is the power going? And what are they enriching? (Asking for a Friend)

  16. The Question is.. If we walked into any store today and removed everything made in China or assembled there. Then how shall we get by tomorrow? It feels like war is brewing quickly, now is the time with someone like Biden in office and Western armies being weak at the moment.

  17. Have you heard about the credit card with the carbon emission limit. I'm guessing in the future everyone will be given carbon credits and each item will have it's carbon cost/price.

  18. Maybe one day it will sink in that nothing is ever returning to what we used to call normal . What are you on about saying they cant stop your gas or petrol . In England there is no fuel anywhere. . There are beautiful species going extinct evry day like cloudy leopards , only three left . I know your a blind optimist and a techno utopian but your smoking too much hopium. The world is way to populated and we have pushed evry other species to the brink of extinction. Dead zones in the sea increasing and growing evry day. We are done as a species, you just cant except it . I'm not surprised it's a horrible pill to swallow. Oh and there are none of them left either . The end is truly in sight and this time it's for real

  19. 2022 is going to be epic. In don’t like to say it but I think a lot of woke city living climate alarmists will have to live in the reality of their wishes. It’s not going to be good for them.