China’s Most Corrupt Official Sentenced to Death | Lai Xiaomin and China Huarong

This dude had 100 mistress living together! Lai Xiaomin was board chairman and Party chief of the state-owned asset management company China Huarong. But he’s been given the death penalty for being the most corrupt man in China. Investigators literally found 3 tons of bribe money in his home. Everyone in the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt. Not everyone gets punished for it.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Ccp stands for corrupted communist party the world knows this ,all communist leaders R chief of corruption masters of manipulation , leader's want even blood money

  2. Under Mao – Tse- Tung those guys were making $10 a month, got greedy $250. million, what a raise.
    Wonder how many other in politburo are more greedy.

  3. Psalm 34:21 Evil will eventually destroy Itself
    * The Snake ( evil ), has this habit of killing itself by Eating Itself.
    Lesson : In the Company of Evil, there will always arise a competitive evil" in the Drug trade this is very common; turning against each other.

  4. If this isnt even more proof that the devil exists i dont know what is…shows that Xi is the devil because when you sign your soul to him, its not up to you when he will cash in the contract. was it worth all the pussy and money for eternity of torment…

  5. Sounds like Obama,Hillary,
    Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.
    No death sentence here for them only so called penalty they receive is lots of cash and power to do whatever they want plus get away with it !

  6. The sad thing is one thing we haven't even considered is that do the majority of Chinese even have the same definition of FREEDOM as we do? think about it, to us its normal to be able to go vote, protest, speak our minds etc…. but to the Chinese these things are treason and would get you killed. They don't know that they are not free simply because they have never tasted FREEDOM. I hope one day China can be FREE without millions having to die……

  7. What an idiot! I cannot believe that the CCP is alright with taking bribes since that certainly means all kinds fo other activities are being allowed that should not be out of principle. Also you have to be stupid to continue taking bribes when you cannot even spend that money easily without risking your entire scam being detected.

    This whole situation takes any venom out of CCP comments of corruption regarding anyone else. The thing is wherever there is ample amounts of money, there too will be corruption because lets face it lazy people are lazy and would rather be thieves than meet the requirements, a.k.a. do the work.

  8. It doesn't make sense, you know you will die for bribery… I will think to take the money and disappear. Why stay? Doesn't make any sense, special involved alot of people on it.