China’s Surveillance State Is Growing. Here’s How. | Visual Investigations

A New York Times analysis of over 100,000 government bidding documents found that China’s ambition to collect digital and biological data from its citizens is more expansive and invasive than previously known.

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  1. Most country collects data on their citizens nowadays. And people are also starting to care less. Here in India govt collected facial, iris and fingerprint data to make a database known as aadhar.
    Sad fact is that hackers from China and US and pvt companies also hacked and stole data from these govt database. So, basically our govt actually helps other countries to invade our privacy and make us vulnerable to outside threat instead the promise of extra security.

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  3. South Korea has a MASSIVE cctv surveillance network. Compared to NYC there is no theft or violent crime in Seoul. You can leave your wallet and phone sitting on a bench for 4 hours and nobody is gonna steal it. If something does get stolen the police are pretty good at tracking your stuff and actually get your stuff back.

  4. Very advanced technology. Hopefully this will, anywhere, eliminate mass shootings, car and truck rammings, sucker punching, assaults, corruption, fraud, theft — while maintaining and promoting freedom of speech, thought, opinion and expression. Or are the two mutually exclusive? Or worse yet clamping down on the latter, while turning a blind eye on the former?

  5. I imagine most governments, not just China, is surveilling their people. Don't delude yourself into thinking that China is the only one doing this.

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  7. Is it good or bad?
    We know western governments want to do the same.
    London has more cameras than anywhere else in the world! Why is no one’s saying anything? Double standards?

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  9. So what do you want us to do about it? Go and overthrow the CCP or remove the cameras? Looks like anything Anti China is the biggest selling news perspective and NYT has to cash in on the TREND.

    On the other hand, Freedom in US is fictitious. Like people already give alot of info to silicon valley and NSA ALREADY HAS ACCESS TO IT.

    then you go ahead and put a spin on xinjiang and how this is meant to target a minority (that is know to be under developed and habour extremists. The security system is being developed all over the country. Not just a single province.

    Finally, it's not even a secret like in the US. As you said National Media already reported on the technology capabilities. It's not like you hit a gold mine of Chinese State secret

  10. The only difference is, The US government can't do it so they use Silicon valley and NSA has access to all info about you. Americans trust Corporations more than the government, the Chinese trust the government more than Corporations. In the end, it's all the same coz the government gets what they want anyway. But in China, Corporations can't just do whatever they want.

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