China’s Taiwan Invasion Has Already Begun | Matt Cox

Matthew Bevan “Matt” Cox is an American former mortgage broker and admitted mortgage fraudster. Cox, also a true crime author, wrote an unpublished manuscript entitled The Associates in which the main character traveled the country to perpetrate a mortgage fraud similar to the one Cox ran.

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Written by Koncrete KLIPS


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  1. LP reacted d ryt way, she is vys.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsf. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  2. You say tawain trained by militery usa, so was ukraine and there getting battered, have you no idea whats really going on pal ? Tawain is a captured place by deep state were they smuggle children tru, and china will take the deep state out like putin doing in ukraine

  3. Taiwan is just the globalists who got kicked out of China for causing hyper inflation. The same kind that we are having. So of course we are backing Taiwan. People here are sheep, they have heard of the CCP because they're sheep, but they have never heard of the CNP, because they never googled hyper inflation.

  4. Funny how our media doesn't tell us about china's possible implosion. I'd heard about it a year or two ago. The elite don't want us thinking we can take them

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